Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some links on a lazy Sunday blizzardy evening

I'm feeling pretty lazy these last few days, treating myself to some downtime after the trek up to Albany to tape the Deny Black Waiver lawsuit presentation - (and if you want to check it out, all 2 hours of video are up in segments - links below) - so I'll just let others do all the work.

South Bronx School nails a lot of what's ailin' NYC teachers at this point in a great post on how teachers have their heads in the sand:  Apathy And Ignorance At The DOE

Reality Based Educator slams Joel Klein's farewell interview: NY Times Fails To Hold Klein Accountable Today. Here's the link to the interview The NY Times conducted an "interview" with outgoing NYC schools chancellor Joel Klein.

Leonie Haimson also slams Klein: Poor misunderstood Joel Klein and has her own version of his Xmas card: Joel Klein's holiday card

And this one came in from a reader:
This is truly funny!!!  But, there's also some truth in the humor.  Take this with a grain of salt.

I added Teachbad to the blogroll - truly doesn't like teaching and focuses the blog on that aspect. Check out the films.

Keep an eye on my blogroll for other great posts. I'm going to shovel some snow and then watch a movie. (Oh, if you want to call me on my cell or send a text, don't bother. My phone died tonight.  Only emails till I get another.)
Here is the 28 minute Norman Siegel presentation:

Here's the State Attorney General and City Corp Council defense of Black - so you can see just how lame it is.

Roger Wareham presentation:

Eric Snyder presentation:

Rebuttals from all sides:
Check out Norms Notes for a variety of articles of interest:

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