Friday, December 17, 2010

What I Am Learning From Acting 101

As I prepare for tonight's performance of The Odd Couple at the Rockaway Theatre Company - the 7th of 9 with the Sunday matinee most likely being the finale of my career - I am thinking of just how much hard work this acting thing is. As Vinnie, I have the least amount of lines but trying to nail it all is continuously elusive. People are telling me the show has been very funny and well produced - RTC always does things in a professional manner - and I have not sucked - yet. There's still 3 performances to go and the main thing I have learned is that you could do it perfectly one day and  totally screw up the next. The old pros are asking me how it is to no longer be a virgin as a performer and if I am having fun. I can't say it is fun yet - maybe at Sunday's cast party I will finally relax.

What I have loved is being involved in a show from beginning to end and learning all the backstage stuff. Fascinating enough to want to do more backstage stuff. I figure my debut would also be my finale as I don't see myself chasing around doing auditions. Then last night one of the directors said he has me in mind for a part in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" if RTC reprises the 10th anniversary version they did on 2005. Let's see now, I have 4 years to prepare. Better start Monday morning.

Tonight some GEMers and ICEers may be coming. Will I ever be able to show my face at a meeting again?

Below the fold are some pics from the last 2 weekend performances.

Oscar can't believe it

Surprise, it's not Felix

The Pigeons come to collect Felix

Best part - I get to eat a BLT at each performance

Is Felix going to kill himself in the bathroom?

Plotting what to say to Felix when I open the door.

Final bow - Survived another one

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