Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, the Irony: Deny Black Waiver Post Dec. 23 hearing comments of parents and lawyers

At the end of the hearing on Dec. 23 I did short interviews with some of the participants. Below is about 4 minutes of irony given the outcome.

The full video coverage - see for yourself what went on in front of the judge and decide if he made a good legal decision or was it politically tainted. Read the judge's decision:

Part of a series of videos.
28 minute Norman Siegel presentation:
State Attorney General and City Corp Council defense of Black - so you can see just how lame it is.
Roger Wareham presentation:
Eric Snyder presentation:
Rebuttals from all sides:
Post-hearing reactions:


  1. Painful to watch that people thought that the rule of law would prevail. Where is justice?

  2. Noah Gotbaum's comments were very telling at 3:37...

    It is apparent Bloomberg's nefarious reach has entered the judicial system.


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