Friday, December 24, 2010

Deny Waiver Hearing Videos

Last Update:Sunday, Dec. 26, 8:45pm

I'm putting up unedited videos of sections of the hearings as they process. If I have time I'll pull extracts.

Here is the 28 minute Norman Siegel presentation - he went third but since I am working with and documenting the Deny the Waiver Coalition, I am giving it priority.

One thing - I felt that there was an acceptance of sorts that Black's experience in managing large corps was a real asset - it was never pointed out that the largest number of employees she managed was arounf 2000 as opposed to the 130,000+ NYCDOE. Not even close.

Here's the State Attorney General and City Corp Council defense of Black - so you can see just how lame it is.

Roger Wareham presentation:

Eric Snyder presentation:

Rebuttals from all sides:


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