Friday, December 24, 2010

Mona Davids on Ross Global Charter School

Mona is quoted in an article on Ross Global, Ross Global Charter: In Battle Over NYC Charter School, It's Heiress vs. Parents which I posted on norms notes. Here is a follow-up comment from her. Of course we disagree about the concept of charters which Real Reformers oppose as destructive of public education.

This is a poor performing, mismanaged, badly governed charter. There are many more out there in NYC.

Even the DoE's charter school office (which provides poor oversight of schools they authorized, which is why NYCPA got the legislature to strip them of authorizing new charters) said,

"The Ross Global Academy Charter School has not achieved sufficient academic success, and is not a sufficiently viable organization," education officials wrote in the report.

Read the full report submitted to the Regents last week at:

It's unfortunate it took five years for the DoE to act. There are DoE authorized charters in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year that need to get shut down now. With the same issues as RGA, poor academic achievement, high student attrition, teacher turnover, leadership turnover, financial mismangement, cronyism, huge conflicts of interest and dysfunctional boards.

DoE is going to let those corrupt failing charters continue to operate with public funds even though they're failing our kids - because these schools have 5 years to experiment and destroy our kids futures.

Lastly, there are good charters in NYC, but you don't hear about them because they're busy educating all our kids, respecting parents and student rights, and working with their communities.


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