Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Klein's Final PEP Tonight: Thanks Uncle Joel for Helping Organize The Resistance - Can I Give You Another Hug?

I was watching the videos of the press conference last week on the Norman Siegel lawsuit filed by 13 parents, two of whom are from PS 15 in Red Hook and one educator, also from PS 15, a school that Joel Klein allowed to be invaded by PAVE, an intrusive charter school with backing from a billionaire supporter of Mayor Bloomberg - the ultimate use of political muscle by people who are always charging their opponents with playing politics with kids lives.
None of these three people were activists in The Resistance before. It was the actions of Joel Klein and his minions that created this incredible hot bed of activism that gave rise to CAPE (Concerned Activists for Public Education). When they found GEM, many of whom were also activated by the actions of the Klein ed deformers, on the web a year and a half ago and we all linked up - it was kismet.

So, yes, thank you Joel for your unintended consequences.

I'd give him another hug tonight but I'm saving it for day Cathie Black is on the way out. I have a feeling that she may do in three years what it took Joel eight to do.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Came to Praise Joel, Not to Bury Him

 I was signing in when I heard my name.
It was Uncle Joel stopping by to say hello. "Norm, don't feel  don't have to praise me tonight."
"I wouldn't miss the opportunity," I said. We chatted and I reiterated that anything I say is due to political issues not personal. He seemed to appreciate it.

Here is what I said at the meeting. I included a piece by parent Richard Barr.


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