Sunday, December 19, 2010

There's still a week left for Joel Klein to be taken out of Tweed with his coat over his head

At my farewell to Joel speech at the PEP meeting I was going to mention my 6-year old prediction but didn't feel like being that mean. Klein's deal with Rupert Murdoch whereas Klein will be profiting from policies he set as chancellor smells bad enough but in the "government is there to serve the corporation, real estate interests and the wealthy in general" political world we live in my prediction looks like it will go down in flames. I was sent this little tidbit about Pearson's "benevolent" foundation by a teacher:
I'm noticing that Pearson are the new darling publishers in the schools. I've been trying to figure out why and came across this:

 “New Leaders for New Schools has been a vital partner in helping New York City address the challenges of secondary school reform, and we look forward to continuing to work together successfully,” said Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. “New Leaders’ approach in recruiting, training, and supporting principals has helped move us closer to our goal of having a highly-effective leader in every school.”
 Oh, well, Pearson will make enormous profits by using its foundation to promote policies that will ensure they get a big piece of the pie. But we have been saying all along that the ed deform movement is all about wresting control of the stupendous money spent on education out of the hands of the public - a key piece is centralizing control of the schools into as few hands as possible - mayoral control is a prime example. Imagine if companies like Pearson had to deal with 32 separate school districts.

And then I always wonder about the relationship between Klein and Bill Gates. I haven't been around schools much but I was a tech guy since the mid-80's and from what I see, there are a lot less Macs than PC's - my district was all Mac but now seems much less so. It would be interesting to hear what other tech people have to say - any pressure out there over the years to get PCs over Macs?

And don't forget the $80 million (and more I bet) ARIS boondoggle. Can't we link the Citytime scandal to that? (See the stuff RBE at Perdido Street has been doing- How The CityTime Scam Worked)

Remember, there are only a few shopping days left to get those cuffs on Uncle Joel.


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  1. Maybe you can find out if Klein had any input or hired some of the same consultants from the City/Time scandal now rocking the Bloomberg administration. Also, how about all those DOE contracts under Klein maybe there is a smoking gun due to lack of oversight or more likely corruption.

  2. I think it's time for Juan Gonzalez to do some deep investigative reporting on these no-bid contracts and those high-paid consultants that Klein forced the PEP to vote in favor of.

    Expose the corruption!

  3. Norm, years ago (at least 10) my school had Macs in the computer lab. They have all been replaced by PC's. I just realized (thanks to your question) that the deKlein of the Macs occured when Uncle Joel came to town! It just gets dirtier and dirtier.

  4. I found the same in a tour around my old district computer labs. I was still working part time when Klein came in and they immediately tried to wipe Macs out as an option - claimed one vendor would be more efficient - but there was too much pushback.

    Dell and Intel people practically were living in our office.


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