Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Candi is Still Dandi

As new VP of the Washington Teachers Union, Candi Peterson has a whole lot on her plate and blogging may take a back seat for a while. We wish her well. How nice to see her still standing and Rhee off to sell herself to the highest bidders.

New Beginnings

From the desk of Candi Peterson:
December 1 marked a new beginning for me as the WTU General Vice President. During the past two years as the writer of this blog, I have enjoyed confronting stormy subjects on public education with readers by my side on a weekly basis. Topics here ranged from former DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, to performance based excessing, unprincipled principals, inside teacher stories, and "holdover" union officials. I have frequently said this blog was never intended to be a permanent dwelling place and first started out with me trying to dispel myths about the red and green teachers contract proposal and later morphed into an online voice for teachers. 
I believe you can’t stand still in one place forever or it becomes a comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not through with blogging at least not yet but in my new role- more of my time will be spent seeking resolutions to teachers complaints.

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