Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diary of a Mad Retiree, Part 2

If you read my post yesterday, Diary of a Mad Retiree, you are aware that I am in the midst of an insane 5 day period of activity that perfectly coincides with my wife's trip to Cancun. Friday was a blur.

I was awakened this morning to the sounds of cat vomiting - all over the kitchen. Pinky is 19 and a half years old and bowel movements are an adventure - my wife left me strict instructions on how to spike her food to encourage her - we don't want more of those $250 enemas. Now I have to race out to Williamsburg for a final weekend of editing our movie, "The Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman," so this will be brief.

I was truly dead tired when I got home from last night my first Knick game in at least a decade and the follow-up with cousin Danny in a bar. Dan just couldn't seem to understand why a 65 year old guy isn't keeping up with a 27 year old, "But I want you to have fun," he said. I passed on the strip club and went home, falling asleep on the train.

I had left my car parked on Clarkson Street where the Peter Lamphere fundraiser/party was taking place. (Make sure to read Peter's piece at Gotham Schools - see post below this for links). I was so pressed for time I was only able to stay for a short time and just as I was leaving a big GEM crew arrived. About 1 minute into the Knick game I realized I should never have left. I won't be back for another decade.

This was my second trip of the day into the city from Rockaway. I left before 9AM to head up to Harlem to speak at an elementary school that has been invaded by a charter. I met with teachers through 3 lunch hours and then took a tour of the building, seeing first hand the charter/public school mix. This visit requires a separate post all of its own.

After I left the school, I headed downtown to Teachers Unite where we had a great discussion on teacher organizing. So I didn't get back to Rockaway until 4:45, only to have to leave again an hour later for the evening adventures.

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  1. You might have hit an all time new low. We "tune in" to Ed Notes to read rational discourse about "LIFO" and such (and I am really throwing a bone here, because you are usually wrong - but at least you are in the ball park on the real important stuff)..and instead we get cat vomit and bowels.

    Only thing worse would be reading about your bowels. Which I hope are doing well. Despite our differences every UFT retiree should be blessed with good bowels.

  2. My cat's bowel movements are a priority in my life so too bad. I'm sure I can go even lower if you give me time. Why would a busy person like you waste time reading all the wrong information that ed notes provides? Clearly someone with way too much time on your hands - which just goes to show you how our dues money is going to waste on useless slugs.

  3. Hey Norm, my 13 year old cat suffers from something called "megacolon" and you probably know this already but I'll share. We mix a teaspoon of Metamucil into his wet food every time he eats. It's worked wonders. My vet had given us these crap (pun intended) fiber capsules and every 3-4 weeks the cat STILL needed to go to the vet for an enema. But since the metamucil, he hasn't needed them. We were also buying DIY enemas from the vet for $25 a pop- till my husband looked on Amazon for the heck of it and found the EXACT ones for $2.50. But we've actually not needed to give them to him. Good luck.

    Now off to read the $TFA$ posts.

  4. Thanks for the info. We mix Benefiber - one tspn with 2 tspns of water with a small can of food and it's been working fine until the last few days. Pinky is trying to get even for my wife leaving her with me all alone.

  5. Ummmm... for the hundreth time:

    "The Inconvenient Truth BEHIND Waiting for Superman".


  6. Norm:

    I read Ed Notes because of what you are and what you are not. Not exactly because of what you say.

    You are a retired NYC Educator and a decent guy. You are Pro-Union (which is your best quality in this day and age) and you are a progressive (which is always good). Although we will disagree 1000 times how to get to where we got to go.

    You are NOT Evan, Sydney, Eva or any other of these Ed-Deformers and hangers on.

    That being said, you are a little bit of a nudnik.

    However you seem to have good sources - so you are a must read.

  7. To anon 11:31- I can't wait till you are my age in 35 years when I will be celebrating my 100th birthday and making fun of you for forgetting things.

    To anon 12:21 - the cat dropped a great log at around 4PM yesterday.


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