Monday, February 7, 2011

Ravitch Rocks

I'm taping the Parents Across America event at PS 89 in Tribeca. Much of the NYC edurati resistance seems to be in the room along with out of town visitors. Sharron Higgins is here from Oakland and Mary Adams from Rochester among others.

Ravitch doing a fabulous presentation and this one nails every single issue. She just slammed Chicago Renaissance. That's 16 years of mayoral control. Even the business community slammed them. But all this is ignored by the privatization pushers (like drugs). "We need to do what works. Early childhood. Parenting workshops. Lower class size. For teachers more professionalization not less. Teach for America cannot be the solution for a nation that has 4 million teachers. We need principals who have been educators....send teams of educators to low performing schools where they stay and analyze how to solve the problems ....sooner or later the corporate strategy will fail....most hope is pushback.....national teacher march on Washington in July not org by nea or aft but teachers...parents are sleeping giant. If sleeping giant awakens we can take back education. "
Norm Scott

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  1. Norm,
    Please make sure that the entire video of Diane Ravitch's talk is up.

    She's wonderful, knowledgeable, and she speaks truth. I'm at awe when she speaks and when she mentions the CEO's tht are from the educorruption corporations trying to destroy every public school across the nation.

    Diane's very inspiring.

  2. Good to meet you at the event and dinner, Norm! Are we a force to be reckoned with or what?

  3. Yes we are Caroline. Parents and teachers rocking the resistance. Ed Deformers will be going DOWN!!!!

    It's great meeting everyone in person. I know it was the first time you and NYC Educator met even though you guys know each other so well.

    Did you know the people who used to the great blog - Chancellors New Clothes were in the house last night? Said hello on way out.


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