Saturday, February 19, 2011

Black and Bloom Try to Screw Mulgrew on CEC Meet and Greet

So the CEC Presidents - that's the remnants of the school boards - send out a meet and greet invite on Feb. 9 to Mulgrew to meet with them on March 7.

Then on Feb. 17 the DOE parent shills sent out an invite to the CEC presidents:

On Feb 17, 2011 12:53 PM, "Office for Family Information and Action"; wrote:
Hello CEC Presidents,
We know that many of you are eager to meet with our new schools Chancellor Cathleen Black and hear more about her vision. To this end, we're pleased to invite CEC Presidents to a meet and greet with Chancellor Black on March 7, 2011 at 6:00 PM. This meeting will take place in the Second Floor Conference Room at the Tweed Courthouse,52 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007.
Family Information and Action, Ojeda Hall, and our CEC Manager, EwelNapier. Please RSVP by March 1st to Juan Rosales:
One parent wag said:
It took OFIA (Information and Action my eye) a whole week to come up with this effort to divide, anger, separate and dis-empower parents. They must think we are dopes....or they have a bloc of folks from the deep Brooklyn communities of faith already lined up for the event. And if anyone out there believes this is an innocent mistake by OFIA, have I got a bridge for you!
Steve Koss followed with:
I was on the D2 CEC a few years ago but was never its president. Nevertheless, I know without doubt what I would do under this circumstance -- honor the prior commitment to Mr. Mulgrew and the UFT and respectfully decline the Cathie Black invitation. For the Black/OFIA DOE to schedule the exact same group of people for the same evening is beyond unforgivable; closer to incendiary. You don't "reach out" to the community by knowingly creating (and refusing to resolve) a conflict that is inherently divisive.
Given what's going on right now in Wisconsin, it's the honorable thing to do, and it sends a message to Ms. Black and others that the UFT is an equal partner and equal constituency with an equal claim on CEC members' time and interests. I watched a couple hours of Wisconsin union member protests this evening, and it's scary to realize that what's going on in NY is only different right now in degree (but perhaps not different in its ultimate goals).

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  1. The time to "Rise like Lions" is now. Let us all follow the lead of the brave Unionists from Wisconsin and Ohio!!!


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