Friday, February 18, 2011

Educators for Excellence Smoking Grassroots

UPDATE LINK: Accountable Talk:  An Asshat By Any Other Name

Well, they've won me over. Those whacky kids from E4E are doing grassroots training - it's all for the kids you know. On Feb. 24th you can learn all about advocating for kids - by attacking the rights of seniority and LIFO protections for the kids' long-time teachers. If only the kids could vote...

But as GEMers we love it when people use the expression "grassroots." Even the UFT is talking GR. So, come on now, head on over to E4E training on Feb. 24 at 2PM - do you have anything better to do during your week off? Of course for Evan and Sydney this is not a vacation week since they only work one day a week with that Gates and DFER subsidy.

They're even going to throw you a party at 4PM. It's all so much fun.

E4E planning UFT election run?
I'm thinking - Coming soon: The E4E UFT Caucus to run against Unity in the 2013 election, fueled by big bucks from Gates and DFER. There already a group in LA doing the same thing and backed by similar money. That is part of the ed deform strategy - place 5th columns in all the urban unions to create confusion. They were too late for Chicago where CORE jumped the gun and won power as a reform slate. E4E-like anti-union movements benefit from corrupt, status quo, anti-democratic leaderships, and Unity is a prime target. By sending out their message a certain way they will be able to fool many members and garner support from the increasing numbers of anti-Unity people. They won't win but manage to give the impression that there is more support for their policies than there really is.

I bet that Unity big wigs are actually happy about E4E (maybe explains Mulgrew visit) since Unity can't lose in a stacked deck and an E4E candidacy fueled by big money will drown out any other CORE-like opposition party. And don't forget the Unity-bought New Action Caucus stalking horse to further confuse things.

My advice to the usual opposition groups: walk away from this unless you can bring a strong ground game to match Unity in 50% of the schools. E4E will have no ground game but won't really need one with the big money and a few full-time organizers working the campaign.

Question: Will E4E also try to get some of their people to run for chapter leaders and delegates? I bet not as that will take them into an arena that is way over their heads.

Take Action:
  • Looking for something fun to do over the Feb. break? Join us for a Grassroots Training Party so you can get the tools and resources you need to become a better advocate for your students!
    • WHEN: Thursday, February 24th (2:00 - 4:00PM with a party afterwards!)
    • WHERE: Location TBD
    • RSVP: By clicking here!
All our best,
Evan and Sydney
E4E Co-Founders

Thu., Feb. 24, 2011
E4E Grassroots Training Party
Are you looking for an interesting way to help your students over the February break?  

Come join E4E to learn how to become a better advocate for kids.  E4E is hosting a two hour grassroots training event to help give you the advocacy tools you need to maximize your impact for kids.

The event will be followed by a party to celebrate your accomplishments so far this year and to acknowledge your continued commitment to students. 

Location: TBD
When: 2:00 PM
Ends: 4:00 PM

E4E Grassroots Training PartyCome get the tools to help you advocate for your students!FREE click here!

If you are going, send reports of all the fun. Reports that the location has been discovered and there will be pickets outside are unsubstantiated.

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  1. Recent news about Educators 4 Excellence: their LA branch recently took to using its member email subscriber list to solicit likes for one of their employee's Chloe and Isabel jewelry Facebook pages. We have also been made aware of rumors beginning to circulate in the LA area that E4E posts open positions in order to attract out-of-work teachers, getting them to sign up for E4E and complete surveys, which bolsters their membership. The candidates are then told, sometimes months later and after numerous interviews, that they will not be hired.


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