Monday, February 14, 2011

Egyptian and Tunisian Democracy Dissidents Reach out to UFTers

The The New Times had a report today about the alliance between Egyptian and Tunisian young dissidents:
a remarkable two-year collaboration that has given birth to a new force in the Arab world — a pan-Arab youth movement dedicated to spreading democracy in a region without it. Young Egyptian and Tunisian activists brainstormed on the use of technology to evade surveillance, commiserated about torture and traded practical tips on how to stand up to rubber bullets and organize barricades.
Unity keeps back the opposition at DA
 What the Times did not report was that the leaders of the movement have been reaching out to the dissidents in the UFT fighting the Unity Caucus machine. "We heard about the torture people endure listening to endless speeches at the Delegate Assembly and were shocked," said one activist. "That Unity speakers bureau that meets the day before the DA where they map out what they will do and even give this guy Mulgrew a map of where everyone sits was copied by Mubarek to run our sham parliament. We are hoping out movement will be contagious and lead to freedom for the teachers in the UFT."

The spokesperson said, "We suggest they put garlic and vinegar in their scarves and wrap them around their faces when Leo Casey gets up and starts that awful phony whining about brothers and sisters. Personally, I would rather face the tear gas than that."

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  1. We could use some democracy-spreading starting right here in NYC. I haven't detected much lately.....
    -proposals to just get rid of civil service and return to the real Boss Tweed days
    -Doling out federal education dollars as a "contest"; RTTT is an insult to taxpayers

    -Bloomberg buys the city council and allows himself to run for a third term which he wins by 5% because he controls the media

    -Obama morphs into what I was warned about, and is pretty much a corporate ***** and an oligarchic piece of ******.

    -Public education being diminished and attacked by those who would be kings and queens.

    -Education actually dumbed down where critical thought and analyses is lacking throughout the so called curriculum which is just deadly stupefying test prep. It appears that the government, now in control of "education", wants a generation of corporate drones who are happy working some crappy job as long as they are connected to electronic crap. Our young are being put out to pasture while democracy begins to thrive in the most surprising ways in other parts of the world.


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