Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PEP Report

Eva with big crew. Food being served. Parents wear orange tee shirts, staff blue tee-shirts. Talk about a racial divide. But under Klein public schools suffer same with so many tfa. Wait till HSA parents see how Eva abandons them for the rich vein of white people she is aiming for at Brandeis.

Numerous elected off and reps all opposed to HSA on west side.
Mulgrew charged them with malfeasance for targeting schools for closing. will follow procedures carefully and if they screw up will see them in court.
Uft is here. Not in force as expected but still vocal.

Kids from some closing schools very eloquent. Also cec 3 peoople opposing Brandeis has coloco.
HSApeople weren't sure weather to cheer or boo on closing school issue.
Some HSAparents beginning to slip away.
Real Reformers with Lisa Donlan leading with "shame on you" followed by singing. Wild scene. Will try to get that piece of tape up tomorrow. If I ever get home.
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