Friday, February 25, 2011

Whose Schools? Our Schools! Register for NYCORE Conference- March 26. 2011

Is this another event that will be ignored by the press while E4E gets extensive coverage?

If you read Gotham Schools you would never know that NYCORE - NY Collective of Radical Educators - exists. A group with outreach at least 5 times that of E4E. A group that gets 60 people to each membership meeting, mostly young teachers. A group that at last year's conference had at least 400 people attending, with lots more expected this year.

And GEM - Grassroots Education Movement - another group that has attracted teachers with a decade and under in the system also gets nary a mention. I guess it takes getting money from Bill Gates to make the grade.

2011 Conference

Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from across the city and beyond for a one-day conference focused on exploring the connections between education and social justice.  This conference is an opportunity to network, inspire one another, and build a movement.

Conference 2011 Theme: Whose Schools? Our Schools!
The challenges currently facing our educational system can be daunting and discouraging. Critical thought and effective pedagogy seem to be buried under the flood of calls for “accountability” and “increased test scores.” But in the face of all these challenges, educators are working together with youth, parents, and community activists to keep the fires of critical thinking and curiosity alive. Committed educators know that there is no silver bullet, no magic wand, and no place for rescue from above. We know that the true superheroes are those who work every day with dedication, creativity, and compassion. We know that we change lives not with promises of rescue, but by working in solidarity with youth and their families to be our own heroes and heroines.

This conference is an opportunity to get together and share how we are doing this, in our classrooms, our schools, and our communities. Join us in celebrating the daily courage of educators in our city and beyond. Join us in networking, connecting, and building a movement of educators and community members who care about social justice.


2010 Conference – 2010 NYCoRE Conference Program

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