Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Teachers Act: Clearly, Weingarten is NOT in the House

Can you imagine a 40% sick in call with the UFT running things? With the assault in NY coming, is the Unity Caucus led UFT capable of a militant response that goes beyond snowball commercials?

Breaking News Coverage of Teachers' Protest in Wisconsin
Right now, teachers from across Wisconsin are flooding the capitol building in Wisconsin to protest Governor Walker's proposed budget repair proposal that would strip away nearly all collective bargaining rights for most of the state's public employee unions, including the teachers' union. Yesterday, nearly 25,000 to 30,000 protestors packed Capitol Square and 40 percent of Madison's teachers called in sick.
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  1. If this happened in New York, Weingarten and Mulgrew would rat out the teachers to O.S.I. and Condon's office.
    and they would all be railroaded like the rubber room teachers, most of whom have had their cases dismissed.

  2. This would NEVER happen in NYC, because of the Taylor Law, which the UFT NEVER tried to counteract. Every one who would call in sick would be fined two days' pay for every day that teacher engaged in a job action. Yes, a mass call in would be called a job action and would be fineable under the Taylor Law.

  3. Yes, but imagine the immense amount of bookkeeping the DOE would have to do if EVERY teacher in NYC public schools did what the Wisconsin teachers are doing.

    Sorry to say, it won't happen here, NOT because of the UFT, but because there are too many TEACHERS that won't strike for their rights, out of fear that they'll be censured in some way.

    These attacks on teachers won't be a reality to many until the pink slips start coming.By then, it will be too late.

    WHEN will our union and members step up to the plate, and engage in some civil disobedience by striking, Taylor Law be damned?

  4. There is one Weingarten local.

    Milwaukee "Union" Tells Teachers to Stay at Work: While Madison Public School students had the day off, the same was not the case for Milwaukee Public Schools. Administration and local union efforts may have hampered any teacher's desire to cut class.

    Everything appears to be normal at Milwaukee Public Schools, despite an overwhelming amount of teachers calling in sick and canceling class in Madison.

    MPS Communications Director Roseann St. Aubin says that's primarily due to a number of warnings sent out to teachers about cutting class. School officials sent e-mails and held after school faculty meetings. "We sent out a strongly worded statement from the administration yesterday that we do have every expectation that all of our employees will be at their jobs.", she says. The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association even told their union members that teaching needed to come first.,0,359772.story

  5. Things like this did happen here. I remember my parents striking in the 60's and I participated in at least 2 strikes in my "career".
    It wouldn't happen today because most of our teachers don't even remember Shenker or how things were before union.
    It wouldn't happen because today's teachers are wimps.


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