Monday, February 7, 2011

New Orleans Wasteland and Seattle Stuff

UPDATE: Midnght
 Just back from the city - had dinner with Leonie and 6 other amazing parent leaders from around the nation, including a few I knew or knew of: Caroline Grannan from SF, Sharron Higgins from Oakland, Dora Taylor and Sue Peters deom Seattle, Karren Harper Royal from New Orleans. They are up for the battle with the ed deformers through building Parents Across America.

Charter school operators talk about choice. Karran Harper Royal just told us about the New Orleans nightmare where you end up with no choice - but KIPP.
She was followed by a wonderful Sue Peters presentation as a neighbor to the Gates foundation. She pointed to Broad polution nationwide.
Chicago's Julie Woestehoff from Pure is up now. More ed deform horrors. It's like watching tales of the Night of the Living Dead Ed Deformer zombies. In 3-D.

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