Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana - New York? Video of Rally at FOX News

It won't be as drastic here, but it is coming. Attacks on just about everything union related using the opportunity of a financial crisis, real or imagined, to go after the working class. Of course our UFT/AFT  leaders have been telling us we're not part of the working class - we are a union of professionals. How's that working out? (When ICE's James Eterno suggested years ago that we ally with the Transit Workers and threaten a joint strike, he was laughed at.) Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine
pretty much laid out the plan.

NYC Educator has a great post up today that nails a lot of what I would say - how great those younger guys can get up early and do the work for me: Wisconsin--Not the End Game
Politicians like Walker indulge in Shock Doctrine. Walker not only took advantage of a crisis, but actually created it by initiating a tax break that caused the shortfall he claims, with a straight face, he must eliminate collective bargaining in order to close. He's also heavily financed by New York's Koch brothers, a fact even the staid New York Times editorial board arose from its slumber to note this morning.
Yesterday I went into Manhattan to see a performance of the Jamaica HS and Queens Collegiate student play about the closing of the school and the disparate resources at an off-Broadway theater. The discussion afterwards was rich and revealing and I taped it all. A few blocks away, demonstrators were gathered in front of FOX News to show their support for Wisconsin - the Middle East in the Middle West - union members. I went over and caught the tail-end of the rally on video. I urge you to watch it - I cut it to less than 10 minutes. I went around asking if anyone had seen one of our UFT leaders around. Here's the you tube link:

Here are just a few quick links of many - check my blogroll for more (which as a reader of this blog is a MUST since I can't get all the info up here).

GENERAL STRIKE!!! Will Wisconsin Have the 1st General Strike in Over 70 Years?

Denver's Rally for Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

Three hundred California teachers are flying in Wednesday to join the embattled Wisconsin teachers and other public workers. This was in today's Wisconsin State Journal, reporting on the announcement from the Madison teachers union.

There will be some kind of response from the "official" union leaders here in NYC on Thursday at noon. See below the fold for info.

Media Advisory

Ring City Hall!
Wisconsin - New York -- One voice

WHAT: Municipal Unions representing over 30,000 workers will rally at city
Hall Park at 12 Noon to protest Mayor Bloomberg's anti-labor policies and
in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin.

WHERE: City Hall Park, corner of Chambers and Centre Street

WHEN: Thursday, February 24th from 12 Noon to 2PM

WHO: DC 37 Locals 375, 768, 154, 1549 and 1113 will be joined by other
including members of the TWU, UFT, and DC 1707.

Hundreds of City workers will place a ring around City Hall to show that
city government belongs to the people. Echoing attempts by Scott Walker in
Wisconsin to end collective bargaining rights for public sector employees,
New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is trying to get State legislation
passed to gut the civil service merit system, changing hiring and firing
from merit-based to patronage. New York City workers say enough! We're
standing in defense of our rights and explaining to our fellow New Yorkers
that our interests and their interests are the same.


Behrouz Fathi, President, Local 375
Jon Forster, Secretary, Local 375

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  1. Beautiful letter to WI Governor Scott Walker:


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