Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eva Moskowitz Indoctrination Tactics Exposed

I wanted to redo this video I shot at an HSA bund rally in March 2009 before commenting on Michael Winerip's stripping away of the Moskowitz game in yesterday's NY Times. I've been re-editing it. And looking for the rest of the footage I shot which was really revealing of the power and money behind the charter school movement. But so far I can't find it.

At any rate. SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL did a number on Eva by parsing Weinrip's article so I don't have to repeat it.

The True Eva Moskowitz
Watch this video and you will get an idea of the utmost and sometimes scary indoctrination.


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  1. What won't Norm compare this to? Perhaps a speech made at the Sportpalast in 1943?

  2. No you can say it Norm. The move to privatize everything including the air that we breathe is all steeped in fascistic propaganda. Big business baby. The only thing missing from the video is a particular type of moustache.


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