Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Da Wrist: A Surprising Turn of Events

Before I start - a shout-out to all the well-wishers. Thanks to NYC Educator for stopping by last Saturday to cheer me up for a couple of hours and leave me with a Bluegrass DVD and to the UFT's Michael Mendel for his get well call last week.

I also want to wish a blogging pal and friend, who underwent an extensive medical procedure yesterday that makes my travails look lite, the best of luck.

I can't even do this to Arne Duncan at SOS

If you asked me yesterday at this time if there was any possibility of my joining the GEM crew, most of whom are leaving tomorrow or Thursday, at SOS events in DC I would have looked at me throbbing wrist encased in a semi-soft cast and said "zero."

In my world view of broken bones, you wear a cast until the bone - in my case bones - knit, often a period of 6-8 weeks. When cast comes off you don't recognize your limb as it is half the size of the other one. Then you start weeks/months of torturous rehab.

Well, was I surprised when the doc yesterday just cut off my less than one week cast - and left it off. There was the ugliest looking scar running down the inside of my wrist that makes it look like I tried to off myself after listening to a 3 hour Randi Weingarten speech. My cell camera phone malfunctioned and my wife was too bummed looking at it to get a proper shot. I felt like Frankenstein.

There was my plate-laden wrist holding itself up. Of course, the plate is like an internal cast. "We'll get a removable brace on and start you on rehab." Amazing news to be able to stop schlepping the cast around.

The therapist built a custom brace right there and started me on exercises. I can remove it once a day to shower - "thank goodness", I know more than a few people are thinking.

I mentioned to the therapist that I was bummed about not going to SOS to be part of the festivities and our film. "Go," he said "as long as someone is driving." Checked with doc and it was ON. Secured a few possibilities for rides to and fro and the ball is in play. We're going to take my SUV for room - we have 5 - with Julie driving - biggest question - will her feet reach the pedals?

Look for some short live left-handed Blackberry blogs from the scene.

By the way - the uft bus on Saturday is pretty booked up. Yelena Siwinski (ICE) has done a great job organizing it. GEM's Bill Linville is bus captain and will try to show our movie going down. Word is that Al Shanker's widow Edie, from what I hear a very nice lady, will be on the bus.

Also note that many other cities are doing local SOS activities, with our film as part of them in places like Vegas and Tuscon and Sacramento.

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Pissedoffteacher said...

Glad you are recovering well. My husband had hand surgery and therapy. The therapist was an expert at torture but she got him in shape. Have fun in DC.

bookworm said...

YAY! Great news, Norm! See you Saturday! I am concerned about my kiddies marching in the heat, but we will take that as it comes. Meet you at the fountain!

Ms. Tsouris said...

I'm glad to hear about your relatively good fortune in having your wrist heal as well and as fast as it did. I hope Washington DC is a powerful, effective, and as unifying an experience as it was back in '68!

Anonymous said...

Hey Norm,

That looked like some bad accident. I just read that your hospital may be closing :( Glad you are on the mend.

Good news about Edie. But I wish NYC had set up an SOS activity. The biggest city in the world should have something. I know for a fact many city teachers are unaware of this rally even though the AFT endorsed it. But if you check out the UFT website, you have to go down to the very bottom to see it mentioned like some "aside". Not too many city bloggers posted or advertised it either.

See u Saturday.

Moriah Untamed said...

The wonders of mondern medicine! My nephew has a plate in his arm from a skateboarding accident, and yes, he is still skateboarding almost ten years later.

I hope you enjoy your time in Washington and that the SOS March on Washington is a success.

Anonymous said...

Hey Norm,

Glad you are feeling better. BTW: Your ed reporting has always been terrific but I have to say that your jokes and sarcasm are better now than ever! Thanks for making me laugh (ie. Randi and the wrist...so much funnier for those who witnessed her firsthand at the DA's).

Speak soon,
John Powers