Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Chicago for National Educators' Conference to Fight Back for Public Education

I got into Chicago on an early flight and you may not be hearing much from me over the next few days since I am hanging out until Saturday. But I will try to put up some updates and even some video if possible.

I'm excited at the development of this July 6 conference which will gather activists from all over the nation. I've been involved with the planning of the event since March and it has all come together.

Here is the schedule for the conference:


We have a large contingent from NYC going representing a variety of organizations. I count at least 6 GEM people going and a bunch from other orgs in NYC. Four of us are sharing a suite, so expect lots of pillow fights.

Off to do some sightseeing and eating. I'm looking forward to hanging with George Schmidt. We just were howling over George's very funny and on target review at Substance of his favorite new teacher movie "Bad Teacher."

I'm not sure why, but he included this pic of GEMers at our rally at the premiere of "Waiting for Superman". What a crew! I think I spot some of my roomies. Better go get the pillow!

Wearing capes and name tags that read "I am a public school teacher, talk to me" New York teachers (above) protested the premier of the teacher bashing movie "Waiting for Superman" on September 26, 2010, in Manhattan. Substance photo by John Lawhead.


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