Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shakeup at Tweed Parent Outreach Operation/Gotham Humps e4e again

I know most teachers who stop by here may not be aware of the disaster the parent outreach operation was under that master manager Joel Klein -good luck Rupert! Today Walcott shook the tree but with the Bloomberg political agenda no matter how well liked the new guy is (remember Martine Guerrier who so many of us liked but turned into one slick operator about 10 minutes into the job), there will always be problems. Let District 3 parent leader Noah Gotbaum tell you more:
Well, after telling us in April and then again in June that he had “100% confidence in Ojeda” and that OFIA was “doing a great job” Walcott has woken up and smelled the coffee of a department in shambles. Elections a complete disaster and being challenged, CEC members walking out of OFIA’s training in protest, the politicization of Parent Coordinators, and CPAC and dozens of CEC members across the City calling for an independent parent run organization to replace OFIA and the DOE in the oversight, administration, training and elections of CEC’s, Councils and other elected parent organizations.

Despite Walcott’s charm offensive, relations between the DOE and parents are at an all time low. Surely OFIA has something to do with this, but it’s also because 4 out of 5 parents simply don’t support the Mayor’s policies of high stakes testing, pushing charters while letting our district schools fight over scraps, accountability for everyone except the DOE, and balancing the budget on the back of our kids.

Good luck Jesse!


Note: No story on this at Gotham yet at 3:40 but another piece of drivel about  E4E. I left this comment:
Like who gives a crap? You guys look for any scrap where you can mention E4E while ignoring GEM, a group of NYC educators and parents who happen to have made a movie which has been requested by thousands of people around the world and is headlining at SOS in Washington this Friday night while also playing in multiple cities this weekend.  You don't think our response to Waiting for Superman and the reaction to it merits some stories? Obviously a sneeze out of E4E merits more attention.

 Oh yea, while E4E supposedly has 4000 members - i had my wife join so I can read their funnies - check how many show up tonight - GEM had 4000 requests for the dvd of the movie and people actually contribute real money - GEM don't need no stinkin Bill Gates money to promote our film.
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