Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sos notes - Kozol Keynote

Weds July 27
Got in 4:30. Took Metro - really dim, dismal system - into DC to scout out Sat march locations and do short sightsee. Met up with other grp for dinner.

Thurs July 28
Kozol Keynote
NCLB and RTTT cannot be fixed - must be abolished.
Ineq in funding greater than ever.
Racial segreg higher.
Sep and unequal has returned.
Seg in and of itself has a crippling effect.
Seg so as not to contaminate the ed of the priv.
Duncan busy doing Plessy vs Ferguson - Sep and "equal" has and will never work.
Driving teachers out in inner cities - trying to turn me into a drill seargent.
Class size matters. Ed def say not as imp as teacher - if only tchrs would do their job. Ask them where they send their kids. Rich boarding schools - Exeter -13. Andover - 12. Bush went to Andover.
If sm cl sz and ind att good enough for them good en for poorest child in Amer - Applause.
Obama ed policies will dishonor him in history.
Powers shld listen to voice of tchrs.
Despite prop there's a rising tide of teacher and stud activism nationwide. Crit energy. Rem him of 1965 and civil rghs. We need sim today.
Love being a Jew preaching to delinquent Christians.
FOX tv sociopaths.
Will keep defending teachers till day he dies. Stand Ov.
Now at Deb Meier workshop.
Saw film about open classroom. OC still an aspiring an idea was to me in late 60,s early 70s. How to even conceive of this today - exc for some elite priv schls.
Talking about impact of poverty.

Lunch then more workshops from Chicago's CORE, Diane Ravitch/Mike Klongsky - who I met for first time and gave him a dvd of our movie, and some other good ones. But GEM workshop is same time.

Then a 5:30 film.

More later - maybe.

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Pat said...

Pretty good notes for a one thumbed reporter! Thanks for keeping those of us who couldn't go updated. Keep wiggling those right hand digits lest they stiffen up.