Friday, July 29, 2011

SOS Update 3:25

AM - Powerful WS with Leonie H and others. Too much good stuff to report.

Good lunch meeting with Brian and a woman from Portland Or who wants to start grassrooys move. Table for 4 grew to about 8. Yelena stopped- Had hurried lunch then ran off to buy 50 Metro tickets to get people from UFT bus to march tomorrow. Leroy Barr gave her the job to org this and she has been awesome - contin spent time here making sure this works - amazing job. Let's hope it all works out from NY end.

Rethinking Schools workshop

Too great to manage blogging about with one thumb. Panel is fab. Karp, Fine etc. Bob Peterson who founded Reth Schools and is now Pres of Milw Tchrs union tells story of Madison tchr sick-in but also how 85% of tchrs at his own school called in sick - and princ winked in support. Cheers for good principals. Audience: Deb Meier, Jon Kozol, Fordham's prf Mark Naison, Brian Jones, Mike Klonsky, Leonie Haimson, James Boutin, Garret - on Boston TU ex bd, Leo Casey and lots of others I can't see to pick out. Klonsky mentioned Core Chi victory - some applause - not Leo - who I saw cornering CORE's Jackson Potter earlier - also asks Peterson how his victory affects natl debate. Announced Sunday morn meeting of natl labor interest.
Really good, rich discussion.

Just in: Liza Campbell who hurt right wrist in minor bike accident and was delayed a day is in traffic on I95 - we've really missed her - will try to get pic of paired bike acc right wrists.

Gotta stop now.
Maybe more later.

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Schoolgal said...

Thanks for the update. See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, norm!

These are overly interesting times!