Friday, July 29, 2011

Is Obama a Republican in Drag? A Manchurian Candidate?

Remember how we laughed at the right wing conspiracy charges that Obama was a Manchurian Candidate who as a young child was turned into a Muslim terrorist sleeper agent? Now I'm thinking there may be some truth to the MC story - with a twist. Obama was really a sleeper Republican acting like a liberal Democrat. OK. He's not quite George Bush but how much further does he have to go?

Read Gene Massick"s take I posted at Norms Notes
It's crunch time, and Republican President Obama is delivering to his Wall Street and Corporate Masters.
 Mark Torres has a different take:
Sisters and Brothers,

Obama is not a Republican, by saying that he is neglects the obvious, that the Democrats and Republicans are in the pocket of Corporate America.  His behavior is consistent with the Democratic Party's role of incorporating liberal, centrist and conservative politics under "its tent."  While the Republican Party plays the role of conservative and reactionary ideologue.  Throughout U.S. history the parties have interchanged in playing these roles but have used them effectively to keep Corporate/Business/Rich Landowner elites in the driver's seat.  

If we aren't clear about this then we will continue to entertain the illusion that the Democratic Party is part of the solution.  

When we put things in there correct place we come up with the obvious conclusion, that we need our own political party, one that will truly represent progressive forces in this country. That party does not yet exist, it is up to us to create it.

Your brother in struggle,

Mark A. Torres 
People Power Movement

I agree the Dems are in the pockets of corporate America but I have mixed thoughts on the third party concept which the left always talks about but given that when you get 2 leftists (who are in so many splinter parties) in a group you end up with 3 groups the idea of a third party is like planning a trip to Mars. Can't really type much more but I am rethinking things more along the lines of a split in the Dem party - is the Green Party a real option?


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