Friday, July 15, 2011

Live blogging from surgery

Friday july 15
Well, not exactly live blogging which is hard to do under general anathesia.

I went for little bike ride yesterday. Had a slight accident. Now I know the diff between ulna and radius since both are broken on right wrist. Surgery in an hour.

This is the 2nd bike accident with broken bones. And the last as biking retirement looms at the insistance of spouse.

So you may not be getting updates with the usual freq for quite a while. I'm just going to order a batch of cigars and puff the summer away. Big problem looming. Who's going to cut my meat?

Btw- anyone want a bike?

Norm Scott

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  1. Sorry to hear about the accident, get well soon Norm!


  2. Get well soon! Hope your active days are not over, just postponed.

  3. That's the universe's way of saying stop and relax for a minute :)

    Feel better Norm.

    John Powers

  4. So sorry to hear this! Get better soon Norm!

  5. Norm, I know that you want to enjoy life to the fullest and if riding a bike is one of your joys, that's great. But, you need to take good care of yourself. Many of your fans who read your blog faithfully (such as Karen Lewis) need you and having you out of commission is out of the question. So sell that bike. Get well asap.

    BTW, I would buy the bike if it still has the training wheels. ;-}

  6. Zulma
    Buy it? My wife is so pissed she will deliver it to your home. Thanks for all the wellwishes. Read my follow-up to see how bizarre this is getting. That I will probably miss theSOS where so many buddies are gathering is heartbreaking.

  7. Get well, Norm! (And walking is really good exercise.)

  8. Best wishes to you, Mr. Scott. I read your blog AVIDLY. DAILY. RAVENOUSLY. You are one of my heroes. Get well quick!


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