Friday, July 29, 2011

SOS update - Leaders Turn Down White House

Just heard SOS leader Rick Meyer tell people about White House deflection attempt to meet before march that SOS turned down.

See Valerie Strauss and Ed Week for the latest. And read my pre-scheduled post about Obama as Republican.

Yesterday GEM workshop was superbly executed by the crew to a packed room and follow-up positive comments have been rolling in.

Busy and long day. Workshops then Parents Across America reception at 5:30 and our movie at 7:30. They tell us they may have to use 2 theaters if overflow. Tickets going for 10 bucks to non conf registrees.
Taylor Mali opened with his famous and great poem.

Ravitch keynote
Wish I could type. So much good stuff.
Ackn Leonie and Class Size Matters - she donated her Moynihan prize money to CSM.

Diane interviews herself.
Runs through 100 year history of US ed in crisis and points to how current ed "crisis" is manufactured. Focus on impact of poverty and responds to attacks that this is an excuse. Turns it back on them as them using ed deform as excuse not to address poverty by claiming rediculous reason for poverty is poor teaching.

Really impressive facts. Hope this appears online.
Nclb and rttt worst ever.
Eval tchrs by test scores worst idea ever. George bush dream but took Dem pres to sell this idea (see today's earlier post.)

Can't keep up with typing. There will be other bloggers reporting.

Logging off for now. May be back later.

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