Monday, July 25, 2011

Inside Report: The Agony and The Agony

My fellow patient

Minutes before operation, July 19
Monday July 25, 8AM

I figured I would peck out an update before heading off to the doctor.

If you don't know, I had a bike malfunction on Thurs July 14 mangling my right wrist so badly I needed an operation with plate, etc. In brief, spent day in emerg room at Penninsula Hospital, was admitted overnight for operation next day - Friday July 15 at 1pm but got bumped from OR minutes before, got sent home till Tues with splint but without setting wrist - too unstable- but with lots of Percacet pain killer. Immediately called hand surgeon I had seen the last time I fell off my bike and broke stuff 8 years ago and made apptmt for monday July 18. Resplinted me for comfort till operation next day - July 19. They loaded me wth morphine etc all night at my request.  Out of hospital Weds. - pain, discomfort, blech. Thursday was worst day due to reaction to meds. Since then slow improvement.

I haven't been total recluse. Got out both Saturday eves. July 16 to Rockaway Theatre Co great production of Annie Get Your Gun which I managed to tape by setting up tripod. This past Saturday got to go out with college pals visiting from Washington - one couple were supposed to be our house guests but opted for hotel in city rather than listen to me whimper for 4 days. Another local couple have an apartment in Williamsburg (where 2 of the guys grew up - talk about culture shock) and we ate Italian on N.6th and Berry a few blocks from where I spent my last assignment in District 14. When we left reataurant at 9:30 the streets were packed. Really an astounding scene if you knew the area just 15 years ago.

Gotta go get ready to go to doctor. Check this out. I haven't yet but see what you can glean about what uft is not telling.

Info to principals on new atr agreement - video format

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Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well today-BTW, great shot of you in hospital attire, you never looked so good. Keep the headwear, you can always work in a kitchen.

Schoolgal said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. R u still going to Washington?

So my question here, did the UFT agree to all these provisions which essentially they can make up any reason not to hire an ATR for a long-term assignment? In fact, they can go back to hiring F-status friends??

Looking fwd to an response-- of course if and when you can type one.

Music Lover said...

You are better not check out the audio recording of David Weiner's shpiel on the ATR agreement.

Its going to make you take some more Percoset.

This is just another way of screwing over the ATR's and giving principals power to hire anyone they want as opposed to an employee already in the system.
However, there may be some ATR's who could benefit from this but I doubt that it will be many.

ed notes online said...

Tracie- can you give us details pro and con?

Schoolgal - wasn't going to go to SOS due to injury but just back from doc and got ok if i want to. putting transportation together if i'm not in too much pain rest of the day -Percoset is no longer an option for me beacuse i dont like effect - look for gem at 14th and Penn Ave at 10:30 or email or call for where we are if you want to march with us. 917-992-3734

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to ask questions about the ATR agreement, the DOE set up an email box. They are in the process of setting up a space so everyone can see the questions that will be sent to the inbox. I wonder if all questions will make it on the internet or they are going to moderate. Send all queries to:

Will do, I can write something up on the pros and cons. To be honest, not sure how many pros there will be on this list though. Some of this sounds very hectic and confusing, specifically for school secretaries and HR personnel. But is anyone really that surprised?

Anonymous said...

Chaz summed up the ATR agreement pretty well actually. I am catching up on my blog reading now and I just read this post.