Friday, March 9, 2012

Breaking: Mass Student Walkout at John Dewey HS Protesting Threat to Close School

UPDATED: Sunday March 11, 10PM

Here is the link to the NY1 story with a quote from Walcott threatening disciplinary action. Gee, maybe he can threaten them with closing their school. Right now he said kids would be marked absent. I wonder what would happen if teachers couldn't manage keeping track of that.

Gotham story: Students defend Dewey from closure in afternoon walk-out
Interesting point made giving GEM initiative Fight Back Friday some credit:
Today’s walk-out was inspired by a city-wide campaign begun by the advocacy group the Grassroots Education Movement called “Fight Back Friday.” Other school communities have participated in Fight Back Friday protests, including Herbert H. Lehman High School and Schomburg Satellite Academy, a transfer school where teachers and students also planned to walk out today.

Schomburg Satellite Academy in the Bronx -- Students met with Ruben Diaz jr. This walkout is over co-location issue. SEE THE FOLLOW-UP ON ED NOTES:

Satellite Academy students walk out to Protest charter co location.

Monday Mar 12 is the public hearing at the school. 

Follow the blog set up by the school:
Imagine if students at all 33 PLA and other closing and co-loco schools all walked out on the same day!

And then headed over to Tweed! That might shake the tree.

Photo Credit: Susan D'Elia Gunther



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  1. Awesome. There is hope for the next generation, despite what the deformers want to do to them.

  2. I got a call from a colleague as this happened- I am out today due to Dr appt, but this might be the beginning of the mass mobilizing that my union is unwilling to stage- as The Who said long ago: "We're not gonna take it, never did and never will"!!! It takes Youth to set the example...!

    Taking Assailed Teacher's comment one step further, can you imagine both students AND teachers walking out of the "33" all at once??? THAT would get the public's attention, and maybe even the stinking Mayor's!!!

    1. Students, and teachers at every school in the city should walk out. Why, because it's only a matter of time before their schools are closed. I was at Jamaica HS as everyone watched our school closed. By the way Martin, I took one of your courses at Dewey. Good luck

  3. The real solution is an extended strike in June. To threaten their value added bullshit. If the Uft struck over the issue of a small number of teachers in Brownsville, a decade of depraved indiffererence and destructive and fascist mayoral control, the closing if schools, the disenfranchisement of the teachers and the newest abortion, the end tun around tenure, is certainly enough reason to strike.,ir would make unity appear to be the assholes that they truly are. The little dictator needs to experience a power that is superior to his fiat money. The power of organized labor downing tools and buggering off.

    Angry Nog

    1. Angry Nog..... you go! Love your rant! Turnaround is the abortion of education as we know it!


  4. SAVE DEWEY. KEEP PROTESTING!!! that will get the mayor attention

  5. Set the example and lets hope the other 32 begin to organize and mobilize its chapters into protest. Our UFT has abandoned us, so its time we begin to take our union back from the corruption at Tweed and the UFT. People unite and fight to save our schools from the clowns who are are closing our schools to enable contractors, consultants and other corrupt corporate officials from making profits at the expense of our youths future.

  6. I say, let's get a COUPLE of dates for this walkout. Only then will there be a chance to stop these closures. Every other school in the city should join in as it's only a matter of time before these closures will reach their school. Too many schools are just watching these closures assuming that they do not affect them.

  7. Who can We contact to Try to get a City wide walk out.. As a parent of a Dewey Student I stand By my Daughter and the Teachers.. Bloomberg OUR CHILDRENS EDUCATIONS IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!

  8. I Totally Agree!!!!!!


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