Thursday, March 15, 2012

Desparate Measures From Bloomberg to Hire New Teachers: Loan Reimbursement

If you are not already NYSED-certified, there are several ways to obtain certification.  ---NYCDOE Office of Teacher Recruitment and ---cough, cough -- Quality.
Amongst the "several ways to obtain certification" if you are not NYSED certified:
  • Walk Walcott's dog.
  • Spend a week sweeping the steps at Tweed.
  • Hand in a 30 word essay on why you want to close the achievement gap. (If you can't manage 30 we'll take 10).

With the economy improving, Bloomberg's threat to close 33 high schools, along with the other school closings and replace the teachers with newbies may be running into a recruitment snag, showing some desperation in the offer to repay as much as $25,000 in student loans.
Bloomberg in drag

Connect this to the Cuomo attack on pensions --- work till you are 95 to get a pension  – it is really irrelevant how long they make newbies work since there is no intention of having to pay any teacher pensions given that 50% --- going up, up, up – will leave before 5 years. And the rest? Ta, da – doomed to TDR hell.

We first heard of the offer of a loan rebate of sorts when I got a call from an outraged ATR on Monday morning who had just seen an ad on the A train. She called again this morning asking why the union was sitting idly by and not raising the issue.

La di da.What's the problem with adding a few more thousand ATRs who will play musical schools all year? The UFT will get double or triple dues (2 newbies plus the ATR they replace). Expect an upgrade to the food served at Exec Bd meetings.

Here is the email Leonie sent out with the real story:

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that top tier graduates may be eligible for a total of $25,000 toward student loan repayment.

Teaching Positions in New York City

Posted on: March 12, 2012
Posted by: NYC Department of Education Office of Teacher Recruitment & Quality

More / LessDescription

Teaching in New York City
The New York City Department of Education is looking for bright, motivated, and dedicated teachers who are prepared to be inspiring leaders in their classroom and raise achievement for every student. With over 1,700 schools and 1.1 million students, New York City provides endless opportunities for teachers, whether you are beginning or continuing your teaching career. Nowhere else in the country will you have so much potential to meaningfully impact your students and your professional career.
Our schools, ranging in size from 200 to 4,000 students, each provide a unique educational experience for students and teachers alike. From Coney Island to Midtown Manhattan to the South Bronx, NYC schools span an immense geographic area, leaving you with countless school communities to find a home. Many schools are theme-based, with specializations ranging from technology to the performing arts to sports management. With New York City schools’ partnerships with more than 200 arts and cultural organizations, our teachers have access to resources and institutions unmatched anywhere else.
The New York City public schools are committed to the promise of delivering educational opportunity to all students and have embarked on an innovative initiative to raise the bar of academic instruction. As a teacher in New York City public schools, you will be a key player in this exciting and fulfilling endeavor.
To view our online Info Session on teaching in New York City, please click here.
Compensation and Benefits
We understand how vital an outstanding teacher is to the development and success of every child, which is why our teachers earn competitive starting salaries ranging from $45,530 to $74,796 based on prior teaching experience as well as their undergraduate and graduate education.
As a New York City teacher, you may be eligible for additional income through a wide array of incentives and school positions that will stretch and challenge you as an educator as well as offer additional compensation. For example, Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that top tier graduates may be eligible for a total of $25,000 toward student loan repayment.
Additionally, teachers in New York City are entitled to competitive retirement and health benefits as well as employee discounts on a variety of goods and services.
To apply to teach in New York City, candidates must first meet the following requirements:

Did you see this one a Gotham Schools?
New test security office formed after state audit details faults

 Ed Notes has learned that former DC Supt Michelle Rhee and former Atlanta Supt Beverly Hall have been placed in charge of the office which will be managed by the consultant firm of Alvarez and Marcal.


reality-based educator said...

Now that the onus of test scores has been taken from the institutions and put squarely on individual teachers, they will take test security seriously. Simply moving Regents test grading to other schools was the first indication of that. Now the "Test Security Unit" continues that move. You can bet as they ratchet up the pressure on teachers that they will come down hard and heavy on any allegations of cheating.

Funny how they never did that when the onus was on the institutions and the pols - in fact, Richard Mills never had to answer for any of the test funkiness while he was at the NYSED. And correct me if I'm mistaken, but hasn't Merryl Tisch been at the Regents for 15 years? Didn't she defend the integrity of both Mills and the state tests when it was quite obvious the scores were inflated?

Ah, somehow the accountability movement misses them - but it won't miss individual teachers.

These will be dark, dark days for the forseeable future.

And now they're bringing this nonsense to colleges too:

ed notes online said...

Actually what they've done is broaden the pressure to cheat from the principals to the teachers. Really if you are not getting results and face job loss you will look for shortcuts if possible. What about the fuzzy ground where you won't teach anything outside the sphere of the tests, thus violating your own basic sense of what should be taught and how? That is a form of cheating children that is totally supported.
Merryl Tisch, Rick Mills, John King --- should be brought up on charges for educational neglect.