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Sat March 24: Register for 2012 NYCoRE Conference!

Location: Julia Richman HS campus - 317 East 67th St.

Starting 8:45 (oy!) but come when you can. This is my 3rd Saturday in a row of getting up early for an all-day event. But I am off all week. What amazes me is how many working teachers are doing all this political work for NYCORE, GEM, TU, ODOE, etc. [Don't miss the rally this Thursday at the NY Post.]

And most of them are on the young end, for those vets who vilify the next-gen of teachers, mistakenly thinking they are clueless and even more clueless ala E4E.

I always find it funny how any event put on by E4E gets coverage (esp by Gotham Schools) while major events put on by the NY Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE) are ignored even when NYCORE draws so much higher numbers and has so many more supporters than E4E.

I've been going to these all-day conferences for years (mostly so I can attend the after-party where I can feel young again -- well almost --- and no, I I do not suck the blood of young teachers when it gets dark). It is quite a day with hundreds of educators gathering for a number of workshops.

The GEM film, The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman, will be shown (at 11AM I believe). By the way, a check came in yesterday for $200 from the Georgia Federation of Teachers and the film is being shown at Mohican Sun by the Conn. Ed Assoc the weekend after next. And yes, the UFT boycott continues.

The GEM initiated high stakes testing committee, "Change the Stakes" will also be doing an afternoon workshop.

I will be there to tape during the day, including the keynote.
The final conference program is online

Last chance to register in advance for 2012 NYCoRE Conference this Saturday, March 24!

(There is on site registration too!)

NYCoRE Conference 3/24/12

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 8:45 AM (ET)
Location: Julia Richman Education Complex, 317 East 67th Street

We hope to see you Saturday at NYCoRE's 3rd Annual Conference.  A couple of announcements and reminders to make the day a success!
The final conference program is now online.  WHAT A LINE UP! If you are coming, we recommend reading it over now and trying to make decisions about which sessions you want to attend.  The workshops are first-come first-serve, so get to your room early as they will be closed when full.

We are happy to provide a delicious breakfast and lunch.  However, coffee has proven difficult on our end, so if you require a hot beverage to get you going in the morning - we recommend picking up a cup on your way in.

Please arrive EARLY!  The keynote is going to be one of the highlights of the day!  Kevin Kumashiro will be discussing his new book Bad Teacher in which he breaks down how the mainstream framing of teachers is masking a broader attack on public education.  He will be joined by youth actors from the Bronx's DreamYard Action Project.  As always, we will open with a powerful performance by an Urban Word Poet. You will be sorry if you miss it!  Please be sure to arrive by 8:45-9:00 so you can register, have a pastry/bagel and get situated.
Another new highlight this year is that our collaboration with DreamYard Action Project has resulted in creating new ways to better engage young people at the conference.  From a youth open mic lunch to more youth-led and -centered workshops, we are excited about this development.  There will be a flier with more details available at the youth registration table.
We also have amazing conference T-shirts in traditional and "girl" cuts for just $10, so bring along some extra cash.  You'll also have the opportunity to pre-order the NYCoRE/Edlib Planning to Change the World Planbook for an early bird rate at the NYCoRE table.  There are many other amazing ally organizations tabling at the conference with great resources and information on how to get involved.
Please stick around for the whole conference.  We are so lucky to have a talented group of young actors from DreamYard Action Project who are closing the conference with a powerful performance.

Finally, after the closing performance, we will be heading one-block away for an after conference after party to continue the conversations and enjoy ourselves.  There will be drink specials for conference attendees. Please join us!

 There is still time to register, so please spread the word over facebook, twitter etc!

 --The 2012 Conference Planning Committee

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