Sunday, March 11, 2012

Need a laugh? Look who is chosen to investigate Rhee cheating scandal in DC

Remember the Winerip article on Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee (Winerip Slams Duncan for Rhee Connection) and how buddy buddy they are in the midst of an investigation in the Rhee cheating scandal? Well lookie, lookie on the company picked to cover up -- er - investigate.

How much money did Joel Klein funnel to A&M? How about them destroying the St. Louis public schools? New Orleans?

See ed notes on A and M:

Jan 13, 2008
Though the contract with Alvarez and Marsal under William J. Roberti and Karen Marsal here in St. Louis was for $5 million, I recall it exceeding that amount and totaling near $11 million--this in a city where the mayor accused ...
Jun 30, 2007
Feeling a more professional study with statistics was in order, Klein hired the Alvarez and Marsal consulting company, paying $15 million for a second opinion. Their conclusion: too many people were steering the boat, while ...

What GF Brandenburg gets wrong here is calling A&M unqualified. In fact they are perfectly qualified to do what they do best: minimize the damage of the cheating scandal and protect Rhee.

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