Friday, March 23, 2012

State of the Union Upcoming Activities

Just heading off to an ICE meeting where we will discuss what role we will have as things move forward with the still unnamed State of the Union which includes people from all the groups plus lots of new folks. Let's not underestimate the difficulties of putting together a brand new entity in the midst of the chaos of the ed deform attacks and the always shifting messages put out by the Unity Caucus/Uft leaders. A key is to build trust in each other while negotiating a range of interests and positions. That is why things have been so slow in developing with SOTU.

ICE, given its roots in Ed Notes, has always stressed education --- analyzing events rather than action. Other groups look more to action. Some like GEM blend both. One thing is clear --- you can"t do much without a committed core of activists who are willing to do the hard work. Thus I view the first stage not as a mass movement but in terms of a one or two hundred on the same page with trust in each other.

One reason the action at the NY Post yesterday was "successful" despite a low turnout was this building of a  sense of working together. Going to the bar afterwards is just as important. Here are more upcoming related activities with the Nycore conf leading the way tomorrow.

Hello all SOTU Activists: 

Thanks to all who came out to the successful picket of the New York Post yesterday!

There is a number of important activities coming up in the next week.  If you would like to help with a SOTU table at the NYCORE conference tomorrow, please reply to this email (we will have signup sheets and membership cards there).

The planning committee meeting on Monday is open to all SOTU activists, and will help to set the agenda for our first general membership meeting on April 21st.

Please check out the following upcoming events:
Saturday 3/24 All Day  NYCORE Conference,
Among other great workshops, check out SOTU-led workshop entitled  
Building Your Chapter: How Do You Organize at the School Level?
Vanguard High School - 317 East 67th Street - 6 to 68th St.

Monday, 3/26 5-7 PM Planning Committee meeting 
CUNY Graduate Center, rm 5414 
365 5th Ave - 6 to 33rd or N/R/Q/F/D/B/M to 34th
Friday, 3/30, 4:30 PM General Working Committee meeting
Starlight Diner, 9th Ave and 34th Street
(1/2/3A/C/E to 34th)
Friday, 3/30, 4:30 PM Happy Hour for potential CL's / Delegates,  
Shades of Green Pub - 125 East 15th Street
(4/5/6/N/R/Q to Union Square)

And don't forget to put in your calendar: 
Saturday, 4/21 Membership Meeting from 12-3 pm, Location TBA

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