Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fired Teacher Kills Principal, Then Self - soon it won't be referred to as Going Postal

Just yesterday I heard a teacher say that if he saw Joel Klein on the street he would walk over and punch him. Then I just got a call from a livid teacher who had a reporter knock on her door with a photog lurking to ask about her data report. And to top it off, this incompetent reporter from the Daily News didn't get her quote right. I'm meeting with her later to get this guy's info -- maybe even go to his house with a photog to ask why he can't get a quote right. Boy, is there anger out there. And enormous pressure.

From Gawker

Fired Teacher Kills Principal, Then Self

Dale Regan (below), headmaster of Episcopal School of Jacksonville in Florida, was shot and killed today by a teacher at the school. The teacher, who had been fired earlier in the day, then took his own life. According to Police, the unidentified man carried the AK-47 he used onto campus in a guitar case. No one else was hurt in the incident.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this woman has family and friends who are suffering now. This is the result of passing the buck. She is the soldier on the front lines who is killed by the foolish decitions of her supervisors. When people are pushed too far they attack who they can reach. I wonder if their mayor even paused at his breakfast when he heard the news?