Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warning to Staff: Walk Through – Not Friendly

This message was sent out to a school staff at one of the 33 closing schools.
Subject: Walk Through--Not Friendly

Deputy Chancellor Mark Sternberg and his assistant will be visiting for a few hours. This is not a ‘friendly’ visit. They are looking for mistakes. They will come across as ‘nice’ and as ‘your best friend’ but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be sure that your class is rigorous, engaged, active, differentiated. Classroom walls should have current artifacts (or at least take down anything older than Fall 2011). I will try to let you know where they will be and when but no guarantee.
I know schools are praying these shits will find something that will keep the school open. But Sternberg is a ghoul in the tradition of John White. What I would do is slam every door in their faces and refuse to cooperate. What I want so see is them running from the school with rotten fruit raining down on their heads. It won't do any good in keeping the school open but it sure will make people feel good and regain some self-respect.

You know in British Columbia every teacher refused to fill out report cards. There has to be some action of mass refusal that will not allow Tweed to do business as usual in a comfortable manner. But without a union to organize these actions the wolves in sheep's clothing will continue to lead the sheep to the slaughter. My question is, are our union leaders also wolves in sheep's clothing?


Anonymous said...

A student walkout with parents outside when the shitheads come

Buffalo teacher, in the land of data said...

One mass action that I would like to see is a teacher "job action". Nationally,masses of teachers would refuse to create and discuss "data". No dibeling, no data binders, no looking at or discussing or comparing data in a school building. Simply, teach. Come to work, teach. Without the constant creation/discussion/display of data, teachers would have much more time to teach. Go ahead and give the State test, but don't prepare for it, discuss it or dissect it. It simply is what it is, and everyone moves on. The ultimate point is to skew the data. The data can also be skewed by parents opting out of the test.

Anonymous said...

The union are wolves. I had the unpleasant experience of talking with the Unity Slug, Washington Sanchez. In true unity fasion he tried to spin the new devaluation scheme. He had the audacity to spin it as an improvement over the old system. He spun the thirteen percent as a good thing. He even had the balls to say that there is no bargaining with the little tyrant. So what were the last two contracts and multiple side deals? Who did they negotiate with? The tooth fairy? I cannot wait for the day when the radical change that happened in Chicago, happens here. It will be a joy to boot out all those double pension drawing humps. As for their goebbels propaganda spin. People see right through it.


Angry Nog

ed notes online said...

If you want to see Chicago like change I hope you've connected up with the new caucus in formation which includes people from all the activist groups.

Anonymous said...

If only it were so easy.