Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Videos: High Stakes Testing 101

I removed the short 13 minute video and am replacing it with the full video - a 2 parter. I may still have to edit part 2 tonight so look for a new URL for part 2 by tomorrow.

High Stakes Testing 101 
Sean Feeney was very impressive, as was Elijah Hawkes, the founding principal of James Baldwin HS who has left to move to Vermont. A nice contingent of teachers were there to support him. A friend who worked at Tweed and has met him and was very fond of him called me earlier in the day to make sure I said hello. Elijah's gentle manner came off so well. It was a pleasure to meet him.

There were some criticisms today that the debate and Q & A were too teacher centric and didn't deal enough with the impact of HS Testing on kids.

In prepping for the debate, Julie Cavanagh and I started discussion of a new GEM film based on HST and even though I did not fulfill my assignment to get interviews last might, the project will move ahead even with Julie about to reach the last 3 months of her pregnancy. We expect the rest of the Real Reform Studio crew to be part of the project, along with some new faces.

I had fun tweeting last night, pointing out that Shael's nose was growing every time he lied or distorted the truth -- which IS lying --- up until the Q and A when I had to manage the camera (and not too well as you will notice). I know there are actually Shael fans out there because he comes off as reasonable --- if you heard him last night you would think the gang at Tweed were real reformers. I don't buy it and though everyone seems to despise Mark Sternberg, I don't separate them. A Tweedie is a Tweedie.

See below the fold --- as usual with tweets in reverse order.

Gotham Schools report: City’s accountability czar fields criticism at forum about testing

Tweets below:

#HST#BklynNewSchl Shael: could affect adm to some middle schls. Check w them.

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