Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, 5PM: Educators Stand Up to Murdoch's NY Post


Thursday, March 22, 5PM at News Corp HQ: Meet at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Email me if you want the pdf for your school:

Every UFT member who can make this should be there. 

If you're asking why the Post and not the Times, we start with the most sleaze first, though given that the Daily News sent a reporter and fotog to my friend's door on a Saturday morning makes them just as sleazy.

Let's make this clear -- this is NOT an action of the UFT (though it wouldn't surprise me to see them glom onto this) but of the Occupy DOE group with the support of pretty much all the activist groups.

The still unnamed State of the Union which includes activists from all the groups is also supporting.

Come! Spread the word!
Educators Stand Up to the NY Post!
Protest the New York Post's Decision to Publish Faulty Teacher Data Reports, Ties to Education Deform, and Distribution of Vile and Bigoted Pseudo-Reporting to Our Schools

The New York Post despicably published the Teacher Data Reports of some 1800 fourth through eighth grade teachers, with full knowledge of their many flaws from inaccurate class rosters to statistically irrelevant sample sizes and the massive opposition to their focus on high stakes standardized testing as the only means of assessing teachers and students. The Post's parent company, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, has a history of connections to the worst actors in the movement against teachers and students, including hiring former New York City Chancellor of Schools, Joel Klein. This only adds to the already outrageous free distribution of the New York Post, a racist, sexist, pornographic rag of a newspaper, to our public schools.

Join Occupy the Department of Education for a protest at News Corporation's Headquarters, and a tour of the publications that betrayed our teachers and students through the publication of teacher data reports.
Thursday, March 22
5:00 PM
Meet at 30 Rockefeller Center
Wear Black to mourn the "death of teaching" and your "scarlet number" to show we won't be shamed!
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Anonymous said...

Hey Norm-you told me about this today. THIS IS TRULY A CHANCE FOR ALL NYC TEACHERS TO STAND UP!!! I have to say, if every teacher in this City is not there, then we have a bunch of apethetic people who deserve whatever the emperor throws their way. Some readers, I am sure will disagree with my viewpoint. It is time for those who bitch and moan all of the time about what is going on with Tweed and the Union to step up and show that teachers are not "NY's meekest" .

Anonymous said...

How would every teacher in the city be there if so few teachers even know that ed notes exists (sadly)? Unity UFT is responsible for mounting a response to the Post, News and TImes. Why not ask for and publicize a boycott?

Anonymous said...

How about a strike? Enough with being part of the conversation. The UFT has conducted a policy of appeasement that would have made Neville Chamberlain, proud. All this simpering posturing by the pinstriped parasites who pupport to represent our interests. The only interests the UFT "leadership" represent, are their own financial interests. Probably under the table offshore accounts. Bribed by the little twerp dictator. The only conversation should be what we want back after a disasterous Vichy decade. The jerkoff Unity hacks are spinning each calamity as a victory. The absolute dictatorial power given to the little dictator and his cronies has built a bridge to the nineteenth century, with a dash of the third Reich and a good amount of Orwellian doublespeak.
Teachers ,the "pink collar" profession, richly deserve what they get from the UFT, the press and the diminutive dictator. They set a terrible example for those they are charged with serving. Ever subservient, always wanting a seat at the childrens table, for whatever meager crumbs are tossed their way by the one percent.
This is unacceptable, and will incrementally get worse as those self serving parasitical union whores sell us out.
At this crucial juncture, the only thing to do is strike. Washington Sanchez, an ugly example of a unity parasite. Double pension, expense account, cell phone, office and paid to go cheer on types like Bill Gates. He spun theGov I breaka your legs, Cuomo evaluation as a victory.
How "we" would lose the 700 million pearson dollars. How utilizing the Danielson evaluation would be better, because it would be harder for Nazi Academy administrators to finish us off.
This, from the man who was a "special representative" for the poor souls who were sent to the rubber room gulags. Randi horseface Swinegarten could not have chosen a more opportunistic self serving prick for that gig. A man who made a practice of demeaning members who came to him for help. The UFT equivalent of seeking medical attenrion from Dr. Mengele. People like this parasitize us and screw us. We just take it. We are long past the time to strike. The Taylor laws are a cruel joke. They are in place to preserve the property rights of the one percent over the ninety nine percent. Outrageous brazen corruption and subversion of the constitution is common practice. Insider trading by congress. The destruction of due process is merely icing on the cake.
It is time for the "educators" to set a good example. Instead of genuflecting before the one percent, it is time to use the only power we have. The ability to stop doing what they tell us. To demand better conditions and pay. We need to strike. There cannot be more of the truly catastrophic deals that were made with the little dick and his sycophants. Let the people of this state, see what it truly means, when the cheapest form of daycare is unavailable. We have been exploited, demeaned, slandered and vilified. Enough. People sacrificed and died for the rights that are being given away for no return. Strike right before the twisted data fetishists can administer their flawed and obsolete Regents. Fuck the consequences, stop being a bunch of terrified and subjegated serfs in this neo feudal mess.

Anonymous said...

All of that time and expense only to be shitcanned after two demeaning and degrading years of jumping through hoops. Then public villification in the propaganda press, culminating in not having an income, pension and health care. We are sol and jwf. Thanks to the parasites of nysut and the united federation of turds.
Angry Nog