Monday, March 12, 2012

Exclusive Video - PS 261 Parents, Teachers, Students Confront Success Academy

NY 1 covered the story on March 2 but the clip disappeared  after 2 days, supposedly due to pressure from Success Academy according to a source.
Parents and teachers at Public School 261 Philip Livingston, a popular Boerum Hill elementary school, have been trying to get Success Academy people to stop handing out fliers in front of their school during dismissal. The network is known to be an aggressive marketer — it blankets neighborhoods with fliers, and subway stations with posters — but P.S. 261 parents and teachers saw it as poaching.
 See Schoolbook:  In Cobble Hill, Continued Resistance to New Charters

On another note, this from Leonie:

See how DOE is hiring a manager to recruit new teachers in their 33 “turnaround” --  to focus on new recruiting candidates who are inexperienced and uncertified.  TFA here we come; while thousands of experienced teachers will be excessed.

The Recruitment Programs team, within TRQ, manages the recruitment and selection of diverse, talented individuals who are not yet certified teachers to make a difference in the NYC classrooms that need them most.  In partnership with key stakeholders, the Recruitment Programs team designs and supports cohort model programs that prepare teachers to raise student achievement as early as possible in their careers.


in a quandary said...

Shame on NY1!
Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Eva pays these folks $10/hour to hand out fliers. A person who was doing this in front of my school last year told my principal this.