Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arthur Goldstein, Gary Rubinstein to be Honored at Skinny Awards Dinner, June 18

Wow! What a twosome in the blogging world and beyond. Has anyone accomplished more in the battle over ed deform than Leonie Haimson over the past decade?

I just bought my ticket. If light and sound are decent I might tape it.

I might as well use Diane Ravitch's posting.

Please Attend the Skinny Awards in NYC

by dianerav
If you are within driving distance of New York City, please come to the Skinny Awards.
I will be there, along with many other friends of public education.
The Skinny Awards are the opposite of the Broad Awards, which are given to urban districts and charter schools that raise test scores. The Skinny Awards recognize character, courage, valor, and integrity in support of sound education ideas.
Leonie Haimson is the genius behind the Skinny Awards.
Benefits go to Class Size Matters, which advocates for reduced class size, opposes invasion of student privacy, and supports teachers and public schools. Leonie runs Class Size Matters on something less than a shoestring.
Here is the announcement:
Please attend our Fifth annual “Skinny Awards” Class Size Matters fundraiser
And enjoy a four-course dinner with wine
When: Tuesday June 18 at 6 PM
Where: FAGIOLINI ON 40TH, 120 E. 40th St. (betw. Lexington and 3rd Ave.)
Purchase your tickets here.
Each year we give an award to the individuals who provide the real "Skinny" on NYC schools. Past recipients of the award include Diane Ravitch and Juan Gonzalez. This year, our “Skinny” award will go to two brilliant teacher/bloggers:
Arthur Goldstein,  an ESL teacher at Francis Lewis High School in Queens
Gary Rubinstein, who blogs at Teach for Us and is a math teacher at Stuyvesant HS in lower Manhattan
This dinner is always a highlight of the year, with delicious food, good wine, and great company.
This year, it is especially important to attend and/or contribute to our work. As always, Class Size Matters relies on your donations to keep our organization going. We have continued to advocate for smaller classes and an end to school overcrowding, as class sizes swell throughout the country. We also have become leaders in the fight against high-stakes testing, privatization, and the violation of student privacy.
Nationally, we spearheaded the battle against the sharing of confidential student data with a corporation called inBloom Inc. inBloom Inc. plans to put children’s personal information on a vulnerable data cloud, and share it with private vendors without parental notification or consent.
For the last few months, the tabloids and corporate reform blogs have featured attacks against me personally, evidence of the prominent role that Class Size Matters plays in the debate over education policy. One of the best ways to show your support for our work is to contribute whatever you can to keep our organization alive.
If you believe that class size matters, and that it is important to keep our public schools and children’s personal information out of the hands of private corporations, please make tax-deductible contribution now to Class Size Matters and/or purchase a seat at our fundraiser dinner June 18 by clicking here or here: http://www.nycharities.org/events/EventLevels.aspx?ETID=6292 .
Please forward to others who care and hope to see you there, Leonie
Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters
124 Waverly Pl.
New York, NY 10011
Follow me on twitter @leoniehaimson
Make a tax-deductible contribution to Class Size Matters now!
Subscribe to Class Size Matters news by emailing classsizematters-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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  1. It's hard to spend that type of money when we know the head of this organization kept a major secret about where she sends her child. And although she still fights for public ed, respect does not come from secrets but from being forthcoming. For many parents, this was a hard blow. However, it's nice that 2 great bloggers are being recognized. Have a great time.

    1. A major secret? I and many others knew. And the entire press corps knew because some loony self-serving person who claims to be a parent activist whose organization is a joke to so many people was trying to drum up negative stories about Leonie.
      You seem a tad jealous over Leonie whose work actually affects people positively.

  2. Not jealous at all. But I just think she should have made it public knowledge and not just to her "inner circle". I found this out via Gotham. I don't know which organization you are referring to Norm, and I don't belong to any organization expect the UFT. So why don't you be more specific.

    1. Sorry I thought you might rep people who have had it in for Leonie for a number of reasons. They are pushed by ed deformers.
      Leonie never hid the fact that her older child spent some years in private school. In this case she made the decision based on a number of factors which I do not feel it necessary for people to know due to privacy issues. I think there are reasons why it wasn't made public right away and understand it.
      The money is nothing considering the dues people pay to the UFT which does so much less than Leonie in defending teachers and public ed.

  3. Apology accepted. Had I been a ed deformer, I wouldn't have congratulated the bloggers, although I think you deserve praise as well. I thought this was about her youngest, her son, not her oldest. It's just sad she didn't feel her local public school wasn't right for him and found a charter.

    I might as well post this next comment here (re: the debate) Thompson doesn't look happy in the pics you took. I think he thought he had this wrapped up. Also how and when did Ken H. become a major player at Gotham Schools??? I always remember his comments, but now I see he is a Board of Director.

    Word of warning....when Weiner says "the community" should decide if a charter should co-locate, the first thing that came to my mind was the Parent Trigger Law. Parent Revolution has usurped the term "community", and I am not trusting Weiner.


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