Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UFT Election Comparison Spreadsheet and Victory Party Pics: Updated

MORE supports Seattle teachers.
And oh what a party it was. I arrived at the MORE victory party on election count night to cheers and shouts of "We're number 2." A beer was thrust into my hands (Thanks Vincent) and a few minutes of seriousness began with some celebratory speeches. I can kill any party. I got to the party late -- about 6:30 -- because I had to stay for the end of the vote count and was really surprised at the number of MORE supporters there -- at least 60 or more. What good cheer and a sense of family.

But before you look at the other pics here is some election math over time.

Some of my math may be bad -- I had to have my wife show me how to use the calculator after I had to take my shoes off to keep counting -- but here is an updated spreadsheet I've been keeping since 2004. Not all data is there but for geeks like me it makes for some interesting data -- oops, I uttered a dirty word.

Jack already a bar fly at 9 months. Is Julie unhappy at not winning?

MORE gained pretty much what New Action lost. While Unity lost an enormous amount of votes MORE did not pick it up. And clearly, the non-voting "I don't give a crap" vote was not activated.

The people in MORE are thrilled to be where they are. As an old hand I view things more from a historical perspective. But I was glad to see some critical analysis at the MORE meeting yesterday. My big complaint about the opposition over the years (including ICE) has been a tendency to not do enough internal criticism. (ICE actually did so after the 2007 election and did some reorganization which in my opinion did not lead to positive results and to some extent a lessening of my activity in ICE -- and maybe to a shift on my part to GEM almost 2 years later after the entry of Angel Gonzalez in 2008.)

I have to do some more on this in another post.

I was sent other election graphics but am waiting for MORE to publish them first.

Here is a link to a google doc for easy viewing.

Here is the embedded pdf in 4 split pages.

Meanwhile I've been too busy to write the numerous election pieces I intended too. I've been involved in shooting in Brooklyn and editing a video with my friend on Long Island (and those 2 Oceanside Nathan hot dogs were fine plus the pleasure of running into my former editor at The Wave, Howie Schwach) and over the past 4 days that work has been intense. Two days of shooting and editing most of yesterday, followed by a MORE planning comm meeting in the city. Luckily the UFT elections ended when they did -- I had to give an entire beautiful day to watching the count last Thursday with Ugh Action and Unity. I couldn't wait to get out of there and off to the MORE victory party, attended by 60 or MORE people. And what a party as MORE morphs into a family -- of sorts.

Thanks to Pat Dobosz, PS 157K for pics.

Vincent Wojsnis with a moving comment on why he joined MORE

Brian Jones

John Elfrank-Dana, Brian, Fred Arcoleo

Gloria Brandman

Jia Lee

Joan Seedorf who was at the count all day
Kit Wainer

Old fart (on the right if your eyes are bad)

Megan Behrent who has been at this for over a decade

Newbie activist Mike Schirtzer came right over from his tea party meeting

Mike wasn't drinking tea.

NYCORE amazings, Rosie Frascella and Sam Coleman

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  1. How can i be a tea partier when im labeled as a social justcie lefty-


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