Monday, May 13, 2013

Help E4E, No One is Noticing

I'm beginning to feel sorry for the deformers at e4e. You don't even read much about them in the press. Even Gotham Schools seems to have run out of excuses to promote them. No one seems to be noticing them and poor Jonathan keeps sending out almost daily pleas to please pay them some attention. You see, they have all this stuff to give away and not enough people want their stuff. And think of how the Tweedies do their best to gain entry for e4e into schools.

Now they did have the opportunity to test their mettle and the popularity of their message by running in the UFT elections but I believe you need more than 20 people on a slate to run. They had the money to buy slick ads to get people to vote for them but how embarassing for them that a grassroots organization like MORE with no money would have beaten them in the elections.

Well you have until tomorrow to get e4e to treat your staff to lunch - and use the opportunity to expose exactly where they are coming from.

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Sent: Mon, May 13, 2013 6:03 pm
Subject: Last call!

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Educators 4 Excellence: An Independent Voice for Teachers
Check out the inspiring note sent from a teacher in the Bronx thanking her colleaegue for having high expectations for teacher leadership. And read why a Queens teacher appreciates Ms. Fahrenkrug for advocating for students and teachers:

These stories are being shared because teachers invited our team to visit their schools to appreciate coworkers. You and your colleagues deserve to be recognized too.
If you want to celebrate your coworkers, there’s one more day to nominate your school for a Teacher Appreciation Celebration.
Help us share the amazing work you and your colleagues are doing for your students with the broader E4E community. To nominate your school for a free Teacher Appreciation Celebration, please complete this brief survey. Let us know by TOMORROW, May 14, and we’ll do all we can to make it work.

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  1. I am so excited to see E$E fold like a wet blanket in the near future. They consist of nothing more than a few dozen (at most) ed-deformers whose sole plan is to bust the teacher unions in our inner cities. They will be gone sooner than later while career teachers will still be here fighting it out in the trenches. If you happen to ever meet an E$E stooge, let em' know how you feel about their organization.


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