Monday, May 27, 2013

The assessment reform movement continues to gather steam

Attack, attack, attack ed deform and the deformers. We are on the offensive. High stakes testing is the wedge of ed deform so every little bit to undermine and discredit HST wears away the cover. The list below show signs that media coverage is growing.

From Monte Neill at Fair Test:
This week's stories highlight high-stakes testing protests -- and victories -- in more than a dozen states with additional resistance activities planned for the end of the 2012-2013 school year.
Remember that previous editions of these updates are available at:

South Carolina Exit Exam Could be History

Florida Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit May Impact Other States

Seattle Teachers, Students Celebrate Historic Victory Against Standardized Tests
School Testing Fails the Test

Texas Senate Passes Bill Reducing Testing in Lower Grades

Why I Opted Out of Standardized Tests -- by FairTest Board member Nikhil Goyal

Am I Part of the Problem or the Solution, featuring FairTest Board member Deborah Meier

Chicago Parents Say "No" to Excessive Standardized Testing

GAO Finds 40 States Probed Cheating Allegations
see FairTest Survey on Confirmed Cases of Cheating

Providence Student Union Challenges Ed. Commission to Debate Grad Test Requirement

New Jersey Activists to Protest Tax Breaks for Pearson Testing Company
Take the Pearson Test to See Whether You Also Qualify for Millions in Tax Breaks

Upcoming New York State Rally Against High-Stakes Tests and For Better Educational Practices

Parents Take Stand Against Standardized Test

Schools Add to Test Load Just to Assess Questions
Teachers Union Opposes Over-Testing Students

Principals Launch Campaign Against High-Stakes, Common Core Tests
Principals Pledge Not to Use Test Scores to Screen Students

Why Our New Educator Evaluation System is Unethical

Testing Companies Are Clear Winners in High-Stakes Exams Debate

Columbia Teachers Graduates Protest Award to Leading Promoter of High-Stakes Exams

How to Avoid Nevada's Testing Train Wreck

Forum Takes on Standardized Testing

Testing Policies Becomes Local School Board Election Issue

Fallout from Computer Testing Glitch Continues

Oklahoma Investigates Field Test Opt-Out Campaign

A Family Decides to Opt Out

Campaign for Artful Resistance -- a creative initiative from Save Our Schools

Authentic Assessments Must Be Included in Teachers' Tool Box -- by Oregon's chief state education officer

Spinning Around Again on Education Testing Carousel

Student Test Scores Are Faulty Measure of Teacher Effectiveness

What if Finland's Great Teachers Taught in the U.S.?

How Michelle Rhee Misled Education Reform

Education Reform in the New Jim Crow Era

Teachers Call Social and Emotional Learning "The Missing Piece" in Schools

Change the Purpose of Education

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  1. And one more: Prince William father learns how to opt out of standardized test - The Washington Post


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