Friday, May 31, 2013

This is new….The PAVE Pre-K contract is listed as WITHDRAWN!

Yesterday we reported on the outrage of PAVE charter being handed 400 grand by Tweed to help them steal pre-k kids from the local public schools in Red Hook, which have had their requests to expand their own pre-k programs denied by the criminal privatizers at Tweed (DOE Allows Charter Schools to Set Up Stealth Pre-K programs to Further Undermine Public Schools.)

We have been challenging the tepid NYC ed press corps to put all the pieces together of the assault on the public school system by the very people who are running it into the ground - on purpose.

Then last night the teacher who wrote about the story for us emailed that the PAVE pre-k proposal had been withdrawn from the PEP contract meeting on May 22.

See page 4!

While we can't take credit for this -- it will probably pop up again somewhere, maybe there were some press inquiries that caused them to withdraw it or maybe the refusal by some city agency with a conscious to hand over space being used by a senior citixen center forced out of their home by Sandy left PAVE without space for the program. Look for them to be back and they might move it to some dark corner where no one will notice. I'm sure our teacher correspondent will stay on the case.

Be ever vigilant.

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