Friday, May 10, 2013

Portelos: 9:30 AM Update - I recorded and didn't hide the fact - Meeting Cancelled by DOE - Security Rampant

Update: 9:30am. [See Drama Today, 9AM: Portelos Challenges "No Recording" Policies at DOE Despite Ermina Claudio Threats]

I'm not sure the DOE has face such rampant resistance as Portelos brings, especially given the internet age. What next? Live streaming? What if the UFT backed everyone in demanding to record these hearings? Does the UFT really support these people? I mean, if the UFT supported them in a forest while a tree fell and no one was there to hear it did they really support them?
I recorded and didn't hide the fact as I spoke into my phone and tablet. Again she insisted the meeting could not take place if I was recording. "Power everything down. Don't make me check." She stated.  It was as if Lex Luther was attempting to feed Clark Kent Kryptonite. Might as well make me walk through an Electro-Magnetic Pulse machine and fry all my devices.

  In addition to the regular School Safety Agent at the desk, there were two additional agents posted at her door. What? I'm just a mild mannered parent who has had enough of the corruption and I happen to be an educator. This past Tuesday there were EIGHT School Safety Agents at school as I was barred from attending a public meeting.

The meeting ended and they are trying to say I didn't want to meet. I spoke into my smartphone and stated "let the record show I want to have this meeting, but also exercise my right as citizen as per Penal Law 250."  At no point did they reference an article of our contract, a law, a regulation or policy.

As I left, they told me "oh also, you can't go to IS 49." I was supposed to go and cast my ballot for an SBO. I am the chapter leader.

They will try to get me on insubordination and just fuel my federal case. If I do not receive formal charges today, the 15th day since the SCI report, I have to be returned. Today is day 380!! All of you have been paying me "not to teach".

Please make calls to Courtenaye Jackson-Chase, top attorney (212) 374-3440. She runs the show. also Deputy Mayor Patti Harris +1 212-788-3000
This isn't just my's ours.
-Francesco Portelos
UFT Chapter Leader IS 49
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. Before every meeting with my principal she asks me if I'm recording the meeting. I lie and say no, except this past Tuesday. I told her that NYS law states that as long as one person being recorded has given permission that's all that matters.

    She then informs me that without her "permission" I can't share the recordings. I reply, "share? Hmmm, I wonder where I can share the recordings."

    I got more audio of her than Nixon had of Kissinger, Ehrlicman, and Haldeman combined.

  2. Good for you, Mr, Portelos. Stay strong!
    Roseanne (Bronx teacher)


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