Monday, May 6, 2013

NYCDOE Charter Hits Keep Coming on PAVE Favoratism as DOE to Hold Hearing But Won't Tell Anyone Details

Please note that if you would like the specific amendment to PAVE’s charter, please file a FOIL request with the DOE’s Records Officer.   .... Sonia Park, NYC DOE Charter Schools Accountability & Support,  212.374.6883
The hearing is today. Another Tweedie perpetrating another outrage unreported by the semi-useless NYC Press corps.

Remember billionaire run PAVE charter, which we give credit to for turning on the motor of activism for Julie Cavanagh? They moved out of PS 15 and got their own 34 million building. You see charters aren't supposed to have Pre-K. But if pre-k kids go to a great public school like PS 15 they won't want to leave to go to semi-dysfunctional PAVE. So PAVE is trying the oft-used ploy used by Eva's Success chain of going around the rules -- with the encouragement of the DOE which wants the competing public school to die as soon as possible so they can make the buildings available to charters. By stealing kids in pre-k, advantage charter.
Aside from the lack of transparency noted by Jim below, I thought NY state had determined it was illegal for charter schools to get state funding for preK; can someone please clarify?.. Leonie Haimson
I'm sure the DOE will bend any rules they have to and will be supported by the criminals at State Ed.

Jim Devor is on the case: Read bottom up.

Are you serious?  You intend to hold a public hearing on a proposed amendment to a Charter School's Charter AND you decline to make the actual proposal public before the hearing?

AND even though I made the document request almost a week ago, you tell me to file a FOIL request less than two and 1/2 hours before the hearing begins? 

AND you plan to retroactively approve the results a lottery held approximately one month ago in violation of the school's then existing Charter?

AND the Division of Early Childhood intends to approve an application by PAVE Academy for a pre-K affiliate -  thereby displacing a Red Hook Seniors program - even when (by the DoE's own data) there is capacity for 750 more seats in existing Red Hook public elementary schools?

AND you really think that this blatant attempt to contravene the Charter School Act's prohibition against pre-K Charter admissions will pass legal muster?

Is Orwell's Big Brother your patron saint or just your role model?  
Jim Devor; President, CEC-15     Follow me on Twitter: @JimDevor     Who does this guy Jim Devor think he is?  --   NY TimesNov. 23, 2012

From: Park Sonia <>
To: "James W. Devor, Esq.
Cc: Marlin Carrie <>; Lewis Daree <>; Campo Maria <>
Sent: Monday, May 6, 2013 3:24 PM
Subject: RE: CSD 15 Public Hearing Notice: Charter Revision

Mr. Devor,
This is a summary of the proposed charter amendment to the PAVE Academy Charter School.
On March 25, 2013, PAVE Academy Charter School submitted a proposal to amend its charter.  The school is proposing to amend its Charter in regards to its Enrollment process.  Specifically, PAVE Academy administrators and trustees would enroll Kindergarten students one year and five months in advance of their first day of Kindergarten.  Subsequent to Kindergarten enrollment, PAVE Academy Charter School will recommend students selected via the lottery to attend PAVE Pre-Kindergarten, a separate non-profit organization that has responded to the Office of Early Childhood’s RFP process for full day Pre-Kindergarten seats.  To clarify, students who are selected in PAVE Academy Charter School’s Kindergarten lottery one year and five months in advance are not required to attend PAVE Pre-Kindergarten.
Please note that if you would like the specific amendment to PAVE’s charter, please file a FOIL request with the DOE’s Records Officer.
Best regards,
Sonia C. Park
NYC DOE Charter Schools Accountability & Support
From: James W. Devor, Esq.
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 4:12 PM
To: Park Sonia
Cc: Cec15 D15; Dan Wiley; Campo Maria; Marlin Carrie; Barboza Meg; Sternberg Marc
Subject: Re: CSD 15 Public Hearing Notice: Charter Revision
Dear Ms.  Park,

I have recently been made aware of a "public hearing" regarding a proposal to permit PAVE Academy charter school in Red Hook to hold its K admissions lottery seventeen  months in advance (sic).  Frankly, given our prior correspondence on the subject, I am disappointed that neither you nor anyone from your office showed me the courtesy of informing me directly about the "public hearing". 

Nevertheless, in order to adequately prepare for and comment upon said  proposal, demand is hereby made for copies (preferably electronic but paper will suffice) of all documents submitted to the NYC Department of Education and its various departments and offices by PAVE Academy and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates in support of its application to amend its Charter with the New York City Department of Education.  Appropriate redaction of personal identifying information would be acceptable.

As you know the hearing is scheduled for next Monday.  As such, time is of the essence.  We are aware this is a very short deadline.  The very limited time available, however, is ENTIRELY of the DoE's own making.  Accordingly, we expect IMMEDIATE compliance with this demand.

Thanks in advance for your anticipated courtesy and assistance.

Very truly yours,
Jim Devor; President, CEC-15              
From: Campo Maria
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:33 PM
To: Tsang Helen; White Mary F.; Rosales Juan; Pankratz Connie; Wong Alice; Puglia Devon ; Marlin Carrie; Skop Anita
Cc: Orbegoso Yolanda; Cheong Yoo Jin; Barboza Meg; Lewis Daree; Cruz Jorge
Subject: CSD 15 Public Hearing Notice: Charter Revision
Hi all-
Attached is the notice for an upcoming public hearing around a charter revision for a DOE-authorized charter school:
·         PAVE Academy Charter School- CSD 15 on 5/6/13
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Maria E. Campo
Director of Oversight, Cohort 3
Charter Schools Accountability and Support
New York City Department of Education

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