Monday, May 20, 2013

Change the Stakes High States Testing Updates - Field Tests, Merryl Tisch Outrage, and More!

Message from the most dynamic group in the battle against Ed Deform in NYC.

Thanks so much for continuing to share and support the petition to Give New York State Parents the Right to Opt Their Children Out of High Stakes Testing.  A few important updates:

1.      Say No to Field Testing – Check out the Change the Stakes fact sheet, listing of NYC field test schools and sample opt out letters.  Statewide resources also available on the NYStopTesting site

2.      Problems Opting Out in April? – If you opted your NYC child out of State testing in April and feel you experienced some form of punishment please email  We are collecting stories for a legal support group that may be interested in taking action.  (NYC only for this item, please). 

3.      Controversy Brews at Teachers College – Please check out this powerhouse School Book piece by Change the Stakes member Fred Smith on the exploding student, parent, alumni protest of the selection of Regent Merryl Tisch to be honored at tomorrow’s graduation.  More information (and details on tomorrow’s protest) available on the Edu4 website.

4.      The Fight for Student Data Privacy – Please stay plugged into NYCPublicSchoolParents to find out how you can join the fight against inBloom and protect students data. 

5.      Join Us in NYC on Friday May 31st – The next meeting of Change the Stake will be held at 5:30 PM in midtown Manhattan.  Details on

Thanks for all of your efforts and please share this update with others.

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