Saturday, May 4, 2013

Obama Supports Chicago Schools by Nominating Pritzger for Commerce Secretary

"She has caused so much damage to the children of Chicago, we found a brilliant way to get her out of town and into a job in Washington even though we now have to be concerned about the fate of the entire US economy with her in charge of Commerce. A win-win would be for the Republicans to hold up here nomination for years," said an Obama spokesperson. He was dressed to the nines in Prtizger fashionista garb.

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  1. Norm, thank you for posting this.

    The Penny Pritzker story should be front page news for all of the corruption, anti labor and sleaze attached to it. In a non plutocratic society it would be the defining moment that says it all about who and what Obama stands for.

    If that isn't enough, Pritzker is contributing part and raising part of the money to foot the bill for Obama's 35 million $ home in Hawaii.

    Read all about it here:

  2. Here's a link to another article about Penny Pritzker's relationship to Obama!


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