Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting ready for the end of the world... or a PEP meeting

It's all about those Serpico shades.

Whether it’s a financial collapse or societal meltdown…ClashDaily's Doug Giles  is offering this $2,000+ collection of gear to help prepare you to face the end of the world with force and finesse.

With two high-powered guns, a packed-and-ready-to-go bug-out bag, a sweet watch and sunglasses, and high-quality print of biblical bad ass David (painted by Doug Giles himself) …get equipped and inspired to meet any threat with epic style!

The Ultimate Armageddon Kit features:


  1. They can probably accuse you of being a "terrorist" for mentioning the PEP meeting...I'm serious....

    1. I have terrorized PEP meetings since they began with much worse than this list-- words and videos. But I may bring those Serpico shades to really scare them.

    2. Go with the emergency bug-out bag.


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