Thursday, July 11, 2013

TODAY MORE Summer Series 4-7pm

Hello all,
We hope you are as excited as we are for the kick off of our 2nd annual summer series at Local 138 on Ludlow st. Lower East Side, NYC. Today's forum will feature MORE members who are public school educators and parents discussing the opposition to high stakes testing, how it leads to the school to prison pipeline, and how we all can work together to have the schools our children deserve.
Check out this relevant graphic from our brothers/sisters of Chicago Teachers Union 
The happy hour specials are great and it's a fantastic chance to educate, strategize, and of course, socialize!
Save the dates for upcoming summer series

7/25 UFT Leadership: Friend or Foe: An analysis of the leadership of our union and how a caucus such as MORE views them

8/8 How Do We Fight For a New Contract:Strategies for gaining a new contract that benefits our educators, students, and parents. 

8/22 The First Days of School-How to Build an Active Chapter: Organizing and mobilizing your school to fight back against abusive administrators and profit driven reform.

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  1. Hi Norm, all the best at the conference today. The agenda sounds very interesting.

    I am concerned and I would suggest an immediate first order of business today. I strongly feel that it is an imperative move towards MORE's survival.

    MORE should immediately install Peter Lamphere as President/Executive Officer. My rational is solid. If anyone else is given this position, there is a strong likelihood that Peter will perceive them as being almost akin to being a Principal. Predictably, they would be labelled as being a bully, racist, etc. and this would ultimately be detrimental to MORE's survival. MORE cannot afford to be wrapped up in a scandal! We have seen this happen twice already, most recently with a strong media backlash and virtually no proof.

    I urge you to consider this, MORE's very existence is at stake!


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