Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diane Ravitch, Susan Ohanian Battle the Mean Machines of Ed Deform

There was a time boys and girls where Diane and Susan working together would have been somewhat shocking. But the ed deformers, having gone so far, are bringing all sorts of people together --- like the humans against the machines in The Terminator.

I love the idea of Susan and Diane channeling Sarah Conner.

Here is a July 2 post from Diane's blog:
Susan Ohanian has been speaking, blogging, and agitating against bad education ideas for many years. Her writing is informed by a finely tuned sense of humanism–that is, she cares about people, especially children, more than big ideas and grand policies that treat people like widgets.
She speaks with honesty, candor, courage, and integrity. She is tireless. She is the real deal. She has taught every grade in school. To Susan, every issue always comes down the same question: is it good for children?
Susan Ohanian is a fearless advocate for children and good education, grounded in reality, not abstractions.
She is truly a hero of American education, and I gladly add her name to the honor roll of this blog.
To get a sense of her work, read one of her latest posts.
I especially enjoyed this tribute to Mr. Rogers.
Susan regularly posts cartoons that lampoon the madness of the NCLB-Race to the Top regime.
See here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
Read her collection of Outrages.
And for more, read her running commentary on the Common Core.
You can - and should - subscribe to Susan's (almost) daily compilations with her comments on relevant ed issues.

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